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How to Develop deep sea lobster traps aquaculture industry

Data:2013/9/17 2:34:44

    How to Develop deep sea lobster traps aquaculture industry 3.1 Promotion deep anti-wave lobster advanced farming technology traps Deep sea lobster traps are usually placed in open or semi-open seas, big waves these waters vulnerable to typhoons. This requires lobster traps designed to be reasonable, the structure to be strong. Large deep-sea lobster traps able to meet this demand, with the settlement of its own facilities, you can adjust the lobster as the weather changes traps of ups and downs. More importantly, the development of large deep lobster traps can expand the farming area, saving the cost of breeding, breeding environment close to the natural environment, more conducive to improving the quality of fish [17]. Currently the world's largestlobster traps weeks up to 180m, net depth of 40m, can accommodate an effective water 7000m 3 , Aquaculture production of up to300t. 3.2 Walking introduction of absorption and innovation development path With modern computer integration and automatic control technology application and development, making the lobster trapsautomated farming management technology has been rapid development, such as Sweden FARMOCEAN lobster traps, can be completely without manual operation, significant savings in manpower and financial resources. To achieve deep sea lobster traps large-scale farming and industrialization, the development of appropriate facilities is imperative.

    In this regard, foreign countries have achieved great success, the development of various types of multi-functional work boats, various automatic monitor, automatic feeding and other facilities, research and manufacture of highly efficient feed, fry breeding to solve the technical problems, the deepwater lobster traps breeding technology to a higher level. China in this regard has also been preliminary study. Song Association Act (2006) on the rotating disk in the internal vortex water flow dynamic model and design calculations, based on the design of the cleaning lobster traps prototype, experimental results show that the lobster cleaning lobster traps traps prototype meets the design requirements, and he also designed the lobster farming traps with a feeding machine, as well as deep-sea anti-wave lobster traps solar power supply system for China's further development lobster traps laid the foundation supporting facilities. 3.3 change traditional farming way to carry out diversified farming business model Traditional farming model is single, just to pursue aquaculture product yield and economic benefits. To carry out deep-sealobster traps farming, you can also inject cultural elements, and tap tourism potential. Feng Zhengping and so that two aspects of marine culture connotation, "one object of the ocean as a human practice of human creation of material wealth and spiritual wealth, influence and effect occurs: the second is the theme of human conquest, transformation and use of ocean course of the incident, and also constantly changing human beings and human inner world, a lot of ideas, feelings, thoughts and abilities. "]. In farming areas put artificial reefs attract fish to come to inhabit, along with the increase in biomass, can eliminate waste and farmed fish bait, play a role in water purification, the formation of marine eco-ranch. "The development of recreational fisheries not only fisheries economic multiplier, but also can stimulate growth in related industries, greatly increasing the income of farmers."

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