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China currently uses lobster traps mostly by bamboo frame made with lobster traps size

Data:2013/9/17 3:01:54

Synthetic fibers, the current lobster The most commonly used fish traps polyethylene having a specific gravity of o.94-o.96, can float in the water, almost non-absorbent, and have a good strength in wet conditions or netting knotted fibers essentially the same strength, resistance to sunlight performance is good, the price is cheaper, so the lobster traps used on fish and other fishery is more common than other synthetic fibers.

Synthetic fiber woven netting can be divided into nodules and non-nodular netting two kinds. Without nodules netting because no nodules, so the network cable material Province, treatment with good performance, in addition to netting after damage, mending their nets inconvenience, there are more advantages. Present, except for dense mesh netting has been adopted without nodules, the large mesh networks are beginning to use this type of netting. In the early 1980s, China began a trial without nodules netting, horizontal traction force population is poor, netting fastness enough, but now the quality has improved.

   (Two) framework and support piles

   1 Frame: right-floating lobster traps, the framework is to maintain open network clothing and make lobster traps crisp ancillary facilities. Common wood or metal pipe barricaded a certain shape, and then loaded the Internet piece that is made different size and shape of lobster traps.

China currently uses lobster traps mostly by bamboo frame made with lobster traps size, often barricaded "mouth" shape, generally 3 m × 3 m -6 m × 6 m lobster traps, its frame made of bamboo used 4. Such as lobster traps an area of 10 m × 10 m must be barricaded"field" shape, in this case, use two on each side to take a long bamboo, a bamboo frame will take up 12. Also some floating lobster traps are supported with plastic float floating cover lobster traps, and use the other rope, wire rope or underwater fixing things that lobster traps setting.

Sometimes fastness to strengthen the framework, the framework could be replaced by a metal steel material if it is not given food type capping floating lobster traps, made of wood --- framework can also be used for, and then in the wooden frame around every certain distance (2-3 meters) plus a pin, pin 1 m above the water, part of the water network for hanging clothes. Lobster in the sea traps or large reservoir tube floats or tie bar with plastic block as float. The framework consists of at least two areas, ranging from "I" shaped steel frame composition, above a "mouth"-shaped frame size is slightly smaller than the one below, are mainly used for hanging netting. 2 steel "I"-shaped frame between the intervals from the edges with a straight pipe welded to the reinforcing frame fastness.

   2. Support pile frame: fixed lobster traps are mainly used to support the lobsterPILE traps, to keep setting. Under normal circumstances using bamboo piling, pile lay the four corners, on each side by a certain separation distance call between piles.Netting can be directly linked to the support piles. Lakes, rivers, set a fixed lobster traps, usually in support beams reinforced with piles, just use the lobster trapsdirectly to the ring on the rope netting hanging on the pole pile on top.

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