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In order to make lobster traps at the bottom of amorphous, floating lobster traps at the bottom of the outer lining a better "mouth"

Data:2013/9/17 3:06:09

   1. Float: Yes lobster traps one of the important tools. Mounted on the float floating lobster traps on the upper classes, make the lobster traps floats upward. Many different types of float production, commonly used are wood, glass balls produced plastic, metal drums and capping pottery and rubber ball and so on. Select float material, should take inexpensive and unit volume, light weight, buoyancy greatly main conditions.

Of lobster float fish traps previously used bamboo materials with the most common, such as pine, cork, bamboo and so on. At present, because the plastic float put into industrial production, it has the advantage of buoyancy, it is currently floatinglobster Fish traps such materials are generally used for the float. In addition, somelobster traps farms have adapted to local conditions using rubber balls, barrels of gasoline, hollow glass spheres and sealed jars such as float, but also has the same effect (Table 1).

Float float buoyancy means the actual load capacity in the water, usually supportive float in water, expressed in units. According to Archimedes' principle, the object is immersed in the liquid, the object is equal to the size of uplift forces are scheduled to open the fluid weight. The buoyancy of the float float equal to uplift forces suffered by subtracting the weight of the float, namely:

Float buoyancy Q = P (uplift forces)-G (float weight)

Table 1 clearly lightest plastic floating in the water buoyancy and the maximum rate.Floating rate in Table 1 is the buoyancy of the float in the water ratio of the weight of the float itself, therefore, the float buoyancy, its floating rate is also large.

   2. Sinker: sinker in lobster The role of fish traps and floats on the contrary, it is the use of weight in water to make netting sink quickly, so the lobster fish trapson more than the major materials used sinker. Such as clay blocks, bricks, iron, lead weights, etc., these types of materials, the largest proportion of lead weights, and will not rust, but the price is higher. Iron sinker sinker than clay than the major, and the price is cheap, but the long-term in the water, surface rust easily damaged netting. Perforated clay blocks or bricks, although the proportion is less than iron, lead weights, but the price is cheap, so in lobster fish traps on a very wide application.

Sinker sedimentation force Q = GP (G for the sinker own weight, P is the sinker in the water by the uplift forces). It can be seen, the greater the proportion, affordable yet sturdy material most suitable for production sinker.

   3. Holdfast: holdfast is fixed lobster traps location attachments. lobster generally used for fish traps anchor holdfast. But sometimes it can also be piling one end of the rope in the lobster traps the corner and the other end tied firmly on land or underwater pile head. Fixed lobster some of the best long rope traps so that when the water level does not result in lobster Top submerged in water traps. If the land piling of fixation pile preferably two or more, the lobster traps with the water and will not change the location.

In order to make lobster traps at the bottom of amorphous, floating lobster traps at the bottom of the outer lining a better "mouth"-shaped iron frame, and use it with lobsterrope traps Bottom Gang tie together, so lobster traps despite the storm hit, but still maintains its cubic or rectangular shape. The bottom frame should not be placed lobster traps inside of the bottom, so the friction damage lobster traps at the bottom of the cable, causing the fish to escape an accident.

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