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Larger gap in the daily water level rising waters, or because the shore is gentle but must make lobster traps in the water farther offshore

Data:2013/9/17 3:12:09

   lobster traps ancillary facilities

   1. Bottom lining mesh; feeding formula (given food type) lobster fish in lobster traps traps should be fitted with a bottom liner network, which can improve feed utilization, reduce food wastage, get a better feed conversion ratio. Lining laying in lobster traps at the bottom, the general specifications for the 100 mesh / cm 2 for the bottom of the dense mesh gauze mesh lining. Small lobster traps preferably all covered with dense mesh bottom clothing, so that when fed diets, some have not finished eating the bait persistence Shading can be repeated consumption, in order to improve feed utilization levels. Larger lobster also available only in the lobster traps traps at the bottom area of 1 / 4-1 / 2 --- covered dense mesh fabric, in order to reduce the cost, but also to achieve the same effect.

   2. Food station: when lobster is feeding feeding fish traps in place. Food units is generally a square box. Small lobster traps of one square meter of potable Taiwan, medium lobster traps area of 36-60 square meters, the food station should be increased to 2 m × 2 meters away. Food units available planks. Feeding fresh units will feed into the middle, so that bait station in the vertical direction by the Food and slow sinking. Fresh fish into the box below the feeding station. Food station box is also available dense mesh clothes surrounded the square, with the box or float floating floats lobster after setting traps middle of netting should sink into the water 0.3-0.5m, so that the bait is not easy to swing through the tail with the water spills wastage. Made in foreign countries and some food units called feeding sleeve. The sleeve trumpet-shaped, for straight to the lobster Not far from the bottom of traps,lobster traps when the majority of the fish feeding just below the drill sleeve, also aims to reduce food wastage. In a fresh style lobster When fish traps, lobster traps at the bottom dense network laying and eye liner sleeve bait (bait station) installation is very important. It can reduce feed conversion, improve lobster traps in the level of utilization of fish for bait.

   (Five) trestle and floating dock

   1. Trestle: Give food style lobster traps fish for feeding, operation and management of the convenience, lobster traps must be used between the bridge and the embankment to link up. Trestle by the foot piles, beams, sleepers and springboard like. Can also be used as a support frame concrete piles, precast reinforced concrete spread. Some large lobster traps farms, located in the bridge terminal is also parallel to the embankment fixed walkway, so feeding it is very convenient. The northern region in the winter, when it freezes due to the buoyancy of the ice, the bridge may float to the stake, it takes on the icy before demolition
   2. Pontoon: also known as floating Trestle, it is not piling and gasoline barrels float made of a floating dock, a largelobster traps farms can also be used while empty vessels plus anchors for floating dock. Larger gap in the daily water level rising waters, or because the shore is gentle but must make lobster traps in the water farther offshore, in relation with this floating pier to replace the trestle. Float float for a brief selection less irregularities, large volume, cover better. Fixed floating pier, it would be piling on shore, one end fixed and the other end with the anchor fixed, to avoid shaking around. Set the floating dock in the lake, only a fixed anchor, boat transport managers with floating dock for daily feeding and management.

Two, lobster Types of traps

At present, China's lobster The main types of traps floating, fixed and sunken threekinds. Some countries lobster traps type has factory assembly line direction.

   (A) floating lobster traps: lobster traps can move, mesh body part of the float andlobster traps box surfaced, even if the water level changes, the net body depth remains unchanged as long as the lobster traps vain mud, lobster fish traps accommodated on a body of water volume constant. Since lobster traps can be moved, therefore, lobster traps in the water than the fixed lobster traps better. The lobster traps suitable for deep lakes, reservoirs or bay settings for the currently most widely used kind of lobster traps.

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