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lobster traps fish rely on external water tank swap body, keeping lobster traps has a good ecological environment

Data:2013/10/10 1:06:01

    lobster and density of traps arranged in a way
lobster traps arranged in a way should be considered to ensure that each lobster traps can be a good water exchange, management and convenient principle, lobster traps should be as sparse room stagger was "a" or "goods"-shaped arrangement.
lobster The density of traps water conditions and management should be based on conditions determined. In breeding silver carp, bighead carp and other mainly non-feeding lobster traps, bait-rich fertilizer in the waters, lobster traps can be accounted for 1% of large water, water leaner 0.5%. Feeding of farmed fish, mainly feeding lobster traps large water does not exceed 3 , according to its own waters flow of water, water quality fertilizer degrees, depending on the level of dissolved oxygen. If water flow is good, moderate fat, high dissolved oxygen can be more set lobster traps, otherwise less.
3. lobster The aqueous layer traps set
lobster traps set depth, generally not more than 3 meters, due to the distribution of plankton in the water layer within 2 meters accounted for 58.7%, 41.3% and 2-4.2 m, particularly transparency, small body of water, the most abundant phytoplankton, The zooplankton less than 1 meter deep water layer is less than 1-2 m water layer, in particular, the maximum density of 2-3 meters. Therefore, where the water quality fertilizer, phytoplankton-rich waters, lobster traps should be set in the shallow water layer, but lobster traps from the bottom end should be more than 0.5 meters. In the water is thin waters, mainly lobster or cultured bighead traps, the discretion to set a little water in the deeper layers, but not too deep.
Three, lobster traps choice of location
lobster traps fish rely on external water tank swap body, keeping lobster traps has a good ecological environment, and therefore, lobster Place traps set environmental conditions good or bad, and lobs ter fish traps or-break.
Set lobster traps locations should have the following conditions: broad surface, the water level stable, sunny leeward, high water temperature, water depth more than 4 meters, quiet, clean water, clean, neutral to slightly alkaline pH value of water as well; Select artesian water or tidal bodies of water. The flow speed is generally preferably 0.05 -0.2 m / s, in order to ensure the supply of oxygen. Water too fast, often makes the top stream fish swimming inside, physical exertion, affecting growth; to raise carp, bighead carp dominated lobster traps, water quality should be selected fertile, rich in plankton (phytoplankton per liter of water is generally the amount of 2 million or more, including zooplankton 3000 above fertilizer), transparency 30-50 cm, fewer impurities in water containing sediment waters. Water turbidity, is not conducive to the growth of plankton.
Fourth, fish stocking
lobster traps farmed fish must have: (a) fast growth, breeding cycle is short; (2) food is not strictly required, easy to solve; (3) fresh meat by the market and high economic value; (4) species Source easy to solve; (5) adaptability, disease resistance, easy breeding characteristics. Commonly used in the lobster traps farmed tilapia species categories are: single-sex tilapia, tilapia, new Yoshitomi, etc.; carp category are: Jian carp, carp, etc. abundance; other catfish, bream, catfish Silurus, pacu, rohu and flowers, silver carp and other varieties. Country according to local market demand, seed sources and other factors flexibility to choose suitable varieties farmed. Water than fat, natural food rich body of water should be farmed silver carp, bighead carp based. Water is thin, transparent at 50 cm above the water color light water, feed fed to farmed fish, such as carp, carp, tilapia, catfish, bream, catfish Silurus, Pacu, etc. eating fish as well.
Ning'er County, mainly in farming tilapia, Jian carp, grass carp mainly with silver carp, bighead carp.
(A) species into the box before the preparatory work
lobster traps should be carefully examined before launching holes, slits. Species into the box before 3-5 days in advance will lobster traps installed, into breeding waters, netting after soaking and epiphytic algae, can make lobster traps fully expanded, and avoid scratches fish.
Fry into the box before 10 days, beginning in the original pond netting exercise at least three times, intensive exercise time should be lengthened accordingly times, which is to ensure the survival rate of the key measures into one box. Fry need long-haul transport when, after three times after exercise, will be transported into another mouth fresh water fish ponds set cloth pool, after a night of hanging water the next morning of departure, to improve the survival rate of fish.

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