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lobster traps stocked carp, tilapia and other fish feeding, requiring fresh water, fat is low

Data:2013/10/10 1:07:43

1. Silver carp, bighead carp species stocked
(1) with the proportion of species and stocking
In lakes, rivers, reservoirs, etc. lobster traps raising Carp species, due to the different composition of natural bait waters, its stocking ratio is also different. In water than fat, low transparency, phytoplankton larger body of water should be dominated by silver carp, bighead carp supplement. More water zooplankton greater transparency should be based bighead, silver carp supplement. In addition, about 5% to an appropriate mix of tilapia, carp, carp, bream and other Xenocypris or omnivorous, feeding fish Elimination Network scraping walls attached algae.
(2) stocking size
Average fish lobster traps, fry stocking size requirements 3 cm or more, should be big not small.Requirements specifications and tidy, bright in color, infirmity, surface without damage.
(3) stocking density
lobster traps cultivate fish farming is a high density, its stocking density should be based on how much water plankton, lobster exchange amount of water traps and feeding management skills may be. General waters cultivate fish fry stocking 50-200 per cubic meter tail, water can put 200-400 fatter tails, particularly fertile water can hold 500-600 tail, out of the box size 13 cm or so.Cultivate two age fish, generally 10-13 cm fingerlings stocked per cubic meter 20-60 tail.
In a certain density range can be increased stocking density is increased production of fish populations, the smaller size of the individual fish tank, and due to lower density, increase the fish out of the box the respective specifications.
The level of management techniques related to the species survival. Currently, the management of high level of skills survival rate of 80%, while most of the units at 60 percent. Production, lobster traps fish deaths occurred mainly in the early into the box, is the leading cause of death in the exercise and careless handling during transport, so that the fish injury caused. Species into the box when it is strictly surface disinfection, about a week after checking into the box again, and supplement. Preferably a place full species.
Production potential based on our judgment and our out of the box, the required specifications, refer survival index, use the following formula to calculate the stocking density.
Put the number of species per square meter per square meter production capacity = per kg Species Species Survival Gear
2. lobster traps feeding fish stocking
lobster traps stocked carp, tilapia and other fish feeding, requiring fresh water, fat is low, adequate dissolved oxygen (oxygen 5 mg / l), the water flow rate of 0.2 m / sec or so of water.General species lobst er traps, stocking size of 5 cm or more, should be big not small. Adult fish lobster traps, usually stocked carp tail weight requirements to build more than 60 grams and 100 grams better tilapia 50-80 grams, silver carp, bighead carp tail lies more than 50 grams, fingerling specifications neatly as possible.
Feeding fish fish stocking densities comparable Carp species stocking density is much higher, depending on the amount of water exchange, the level of dissolved oxygen and feed supply and farmed species. Water flow is large, the flow rate of 0.2 m / s or so, water quality, high dissolved oxygen, feed sufficient, if stocking tilapia 50-80 grams per square meter suitable density of 200-400 tail, stocking 70 - Jian carp 100 grams per square meter suitable density of 150-200 tail, which put the kind of weight generally 1:8 growth rate of meat, which requires producing 800 kg of adult fish lobster Be sure to put enough traps 100 kg fish, and require a place full. Then with 10% of the silver carp, bighead carp. Water exchange a small amount of water than fat waters, stocking density is not too large.
lobster traps cultivate fish, the best fish growth with different specifications and timely replacement of lobster traps farming. Generally from the species of fish used to develop three specifications of lobster traps. As more fish fry with mesh of 1.1 cm lobster traps cultivation; 8 cm fingerlings of 2 cm with a mesh of lobster traps; 11 -13 cm of an age of fish, with a mesh of 2.5 -3 cm lobster traps; 20 cm above the species, with the mesh of 5-6 cm lobster traps. In this way, not only can improve the lobster traps in the water exchange, and can save lobster traps costs.
3. Running time
By the end of April early May temperature 1 8 - 20 or so put seed in order to extend the growing season, put the best choice for a sunny day.

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