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lobster fish traps daily management should focus on prevention, escape-proof

Data:2013/10/10 1:10:10

species harvesting, transport, into the box Note
(1) Early indigestion: fish harvesting should be starved for 1-2 days before and pull the net exercise.
(2) Boxed: species transport before "hanging box" for 3-5 hours, and promote their full discharge of the waste.
(3) rapid measurement counting and loading, so that fish from the water as short as possible.
(4) the reasonable control of transport density: should be based on weather, temperature, density, distance transport flexibility to ensure that the process does not transport oxygen.
(5) Note that the water temperature situations: tilapia in the harvesting, transport, could easily lead to mechanical damage, water temperature about 20 susceptible to fungus diseases caused by a large number of deaths. Therefore, you should select the sunny water temperature above 25 , fishing and transport is more appropriate. Also note that water temperature adjustment, front mounted fish pond fish tank water temperature and water temperature, fish under water in front of live fish and lobster tank traps culture water temperature shall not exceed 2 , before the operation, the temperature difference than 2 or more, should first thermostat, thermostat time should be 20 minutes or more.
(6) with Active lobster traps transportation. After the fish reach the pier, adjust the temperature, you can lower the fish, the lake is the best choice of transportation activities lobster traps, directly next to the fish activity lobster traps inside, and then slowly move to farming areas, so to avoid hypoxia during transport tilapia, but be careful transport speed is not too fast, to prevent hanging broken lobster escape of fish traps.
(7) with salt disinfection. Local conditions, can be 2-3% salt in the fish tank disinfected to prevent mildew infection.
Five, lobster feeding and management of fish traps
lobster Fish is a high density of traps fish way, strict feeding and management is the fundamental guarantee of success.
(A) the daily management
lobster fish traps daily management should focus on prevention, escape-proof, anti-predator work carried out daily management is good or bad, affect not only production, but directly related to the lobster fish traps success. To this end, there should be someone responsible for regularly inspect and observe the fish feeding and activity, and found that timely treatment of fish diseases, fish disease epidemic season, we should focus our attention on prevention.
1. Regular inspection lobster traps. lobster traps are most afraid of breaking the net fish escape of fish, usually weekly inspections a day, usually in small waves weather, morning or afternoon inspection, paying particular attention to 30-40 cm below the surface mesh clothing, because there is often affected by floating debris impact, as well as water rats and other predators attack, it is easily damaged escape of fish. Check the network behind him, and then check the bottom nets and netting screen frame linked with various points of these places netting easy to wear and tear and the formation vulnerabilities, where the suture should carefully check the wiring to prevent the occurrence of loose knot. Flood impact, obstacles care or discover lobster disorders in fish traps should be checked lobster traps, identify vulnerabilities, make up a good time.
2. Windproof parapet. Before the advent of the storm flood season, to check whether the firm framework, reinforcement anchor rope, stakes, to prevent the lobster traps sunk and was swept away to prevent floating debris impact.
3. Timely shift box. Drought, the water level dropped, netting a stranded danger, we should lobster traps to the deep water movement; peak before the arrival put lobster traps to slow flow is moved to avoid the impact of floods, such as contaminated water into the box experience, should be promptly lobster traps to a safe suitable places.
4. Adhere wash tank. lobster After launching traps, easily with students and other algae, moss blue mud clogged mesh adhesion, affecting water exchange, increasing lobster traps weight, corrosion mesh material, latent fish pathogens, seriously affecting farming effects, therefore, must promptly remove lobster The residue leftover bait traps and dead fish, insist on regular cleaning lobster traps.
5. To prevent toxic sewage into the lobster traps area, but also to prevent theft, vandalism and so on.
Peacetime production records, detailed records of fish per case running time, quantity, weight, size, feed, water temperature, air temperature and weather conditions, fish medication type and dosage, yield, specifications and other raw data out of the box, easy to produce summary for costing.
(Two) reasonably fed feed
Currently lobster farmed fish traps have been using natural bait Carp mainly to changes in the development of tilapia, carp and other fish feeding mainly farming methods, which requires feeding natural bait or artificial bait. Intensive fish feeding is the main measures to increase production, the quality of feed and feeding technology is affecting aquaculture production and economic benefits of the key. This must be scientific feeding, so that "four" feeding. Late April to mid-May, water temperature 18 -23 , feeding rate controlled by 2-3% in June to the end of September, is the fish growing season, daily feeding rate lies in the 3-7% in October to the end of November, with the water temperature drops, daily feeding rate lies in the 3-1%, also depending on the specific amount of feeding and fish feeding situation weather flexibility. About 50 grams of fish farming, the use of a particle size of 2-3 mm, the crude protein content of 30-32% of the full price of feed, feeding 100 g of fish can be fed through the 3-7 mm grain, crude protein content of 28% -30% of the full price of feed.

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