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Scattered lobster traps, commonly used manual cleaning every five days or so the netting filed with the broom

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(1) qualitative. Feeding the feed requirements of fresh, palatable non-toxic, generally do not feed the fish feed spoiled some feeds can soak and then fed drugs to prevent the occurrence of fish diseases.
(2) quantitatively. Quantification is based on the size of the fish, in different seasons, moderate and reasonable feeding time. July to September is the peak feeding fish, be sure to make the fish eat eat. As for the daily feeding amount, according to the fish feeding, weather, events and so flexible.Appropriate time to 30 minutes after eating, feeding soon after eating, feeding amount should be increased, such as after prolonged feeding eat, you should reduce the amount of feeding; weather should be investing more, hot When it rains less investment; fish robust, normal activities when multi-cast, the incidence of less vote or not vote.
(3) Timing. Generally fed 3-4 times a day, 8-9 am, 14-15 pm, the evening 18-19 when; fish growth season from July to September, can be fed 4-5 times a day, morning and 6-7 When 9-10 am, noon, 12-13 pm, 15-16, the evening 18-19.
(4) Location. Fed feed must be in lobster traps set within the bait station to prevent waste, but also easy to check feeding conditions, availability or sieve gauze pad made of bamboo with a smooth, suspended in 40 cm of water.
(Three) cleaning lobster traps
lobster traps the water after 3-5 days will be attached to a lot of filthy, later by some algae or other organisms attached to said Qingni moss. Severe blockage mesh, affecting lobster traps inside and outside the water exchange. Water more fat, the more attachments; mesh is smaller, the more serious the students. The aqueous layer is generally one meter at most, if not promptly cleaned easily lead to deterioration of water quality inside, hypoxia, lack of bait, affecting the growth of fish, so cleaning lobster traps are feeding and management of the important measures.
Cleaning lobster There are several ways traps.
1. Manual cleaning
Scattered lobster traps, commonly used manual cleaning every five days or so the netting filed with the broom, branches, brush and other wash and pat.
2. Mechanical cleaning
A large area of operation, the lobster traps while lifting, rinse with water cannons, the lobster traps dirt on the drop off.
3. Bio Clear
Polyculture box attached algae eating fish such as bream, tilapia, etc. microlepis. This method not only save labor and money, but also increase fish production per unit area.
4. Sunlight
The mesh is half out of the water, so that sun exposure, when the temperature is 37-38 , drying nets about 55 minutes, the temperature is 30-31 , the exposure to 85 minutes you can put lobster traps attached filamentous algae and other organisms Shaisi. Then convert the sun half the box. Or more lobster attachments traps replaced after exposed to strong sunlight, Shaisi fouling organisms, then pat cleared. Polyethylene exposure often easy to aging, not always the sun.
5. Caisson method
Will be closed lobster traps submersion in water 3-5 meters deep, so that algae in low light conditions, the lack of photosynthesis died off.
6. Drug clearance method
The lobster various parts of the mesh traps out of the water by turns, sprinkled with lime or ash, so that fouling organisms can not get the sun and death. With a 0.7-1.0ppm concentration of copper sulfate solution sprinkled on mesh, the right to kill filamentous algae have a certain effect.
(Four) lobster traps wintering
In order to improve fish stocking large water specifications and quality, reduce the burden of overwintering fish pond, you can use lobster traps for the winter.
Where good water quality, water depth over three meters above the water level is relatively stable waters in winter, can be lobster traps winter. Wintering used lobster traps in a closed, lobster traps to be strong and durable framework, and maintain a considerable buoyancy. Wooden frame for frame, to be attached to some plastic float, to avoid long-term immersion water and sinking wooden frame. Sinker used cast iron, ceramics, stones and so on. Whichever material of frame, float, sinker, must be to ensure that the lobster traps in the water net-shaped properly, and the water layer appropriately enough buoyancy.
Species to go through into the box before exercise. lobster traps into cultivated species wintering box when you can exercise a little dense; pond fish should be bred more than twice netting exercise.Species into the box should be 2.5 inches or more, in order to ensure a higher survival rate. Fish scrapes into the box after the death of susceptible fungus, which is one of the main wintering species death, in order to avoid harm fish, and the operation should be carefully action should be about 10 low temperature operation .
Wintering fish stocking densities and water dissolved oxygen and wintering different purposes there is a difference. If the dissolved oxygen minimum layer wintering at 5 mg / l or more, then the aqueous layer is provided in such a lobster traps in fingerlings are stocked according 8-20 kg / cubic meter density arrangement. In case of second instar to adult fish fingerling rearing or breeding purposes, the density should be smaller. In autumn and winter put enough time into the box for the proper.
Wintering lobster traps must not sink to the bottom, at least should be kept away from the distance of more than 0.5 meters underwater.
Five, disease control
lobster The more intensive fish traps, once the disease has spread, it is easy. Therefore, in addition to feeding and management aspects of scientific feeding, careful operation, strengthen the observation, to prevent fish injury and reduce the spread of pathogens, improve the daily management and other measures, but also effectively enhance drug prevention and prevention, treatment supplement.Species into the box before, with 3% to 4% salt water soak 5 minutes; or with a 1:1 solution of baking soda and salt soak for 5 to 10 minutes. After the fish into the tank with bleach or copper hanging baskets, before the onset of the season came with sulfa drugs, garlic, etc. made bait feeding, combined dragnet inspection, dip the fish with drugs. Detection of disease outbreaks to be the right remedy, timely treatment.

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