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lobster traps grass carp, daily management is essential

Data:2013/10/23 0:15:55

lobster traps grass carp, daily management is essential. mainly on the following aspects: (1) adhere to the patrol box. should adhere to a daily patrol boxes, regular inspection of fish growth, reasonable adjustments to feeding, carefully observe, analyze fish situation, identify problems and timely treatment, and make lobster traps breeding log, recording daily temperature, feeding, feeding, dead fish and disease conditions. (2) diligent brush box. every 10 days to 15 days or so wash lobster traps once, remove dirt and bait attached algae, the full exchange of water. (3) regularly check box. always check the lobster traps, found damaged timely repair to prevent escape of fish or ferocious fish into the box. should be checked in the flood season strength ropes, cables are secure, netting the occurrence of deformation. (4) regular tune box. with the lake water level fluctuations, we must make lobster traps adjusted to the depth of the water and the water is suitable for the position.
six, disease control
(a), the principle of prevention
prevention first, combining prevention with control.
(two), disease prevention
1, put fish
species transport, delivery and other operations to be careful, as far as possible exclude stress factor, to prevent damage fish.
2, species disinfection
good fish into the tank before disinfection and immunization work.
3, feeding requirements
feeding should be done regularly, qualitative and quantitative.
4, fish disease epidemic season precautions
fish disease epidemic season (march to october) to do disease prevention. regularly with lime, bleaching powder, etc. full box spill disinfection carried out once every 15-20 days; hot season, using the lobster traps edges guadai way, the drug can be used bleaching powder, copper sulfate and ferrous sulfate (5:2) mixture and so on; every 100 kilograms of fish allicin 20 g for feeding, feeding one every 10 days or so, once every 3 - 5 days to prevent fish parasites.
(three), drug use requirements
prophylactic use of banned drugs is strictly prohibited (such as antibiotic drugs, malachite green, etc.), you should use efficient, low toxicity, no residue of the drug, it is recommended to use probiotics, herbal preparations and vaccines.

(four), drug use
1, the use of internal medicine
adhesive-free internal medicine, water (4 - 5 kg / 100 kg of feed) thinning medication evenly sprinkle on feed, dry feeding; binder-containing internal medicine, water (4 - 5 kg / 100 kg of feed) after the powder sprinkled on the feed evenly spread on the feed on dry feeding.
2 , the use of external agents
the lobster traps lifted slightly, with the film or canvas designed to lobster traps surrounded the prepared liquid dilution evenly spilled into lobster traps, the immersion time by medication.immersion process if unusual circumstances, immediately detach the film or canvas.
(five), a common treatment of fish diseases
oral treatment of bacterial fish diseases when combined with the dip. common treatment of fish diseases refer to the following table:
common fish disease treatment table
nonaggressive drug dosage medication time method

gill disease
bleaching powder
1-1.2 mg / l
daily for 2 days
full box spill
bacterial red skin disease treatment with bacterial gill disease

bacterial enteritis disease
200 mg / kg fish weight
even feed 5 days
spices feeding

seven, out of the box listing requirements
edible grass carp out of the box within 40 days prior to prohibit the use of any drug, inspection should be carried out prior to listing.
eight, product transportation
before shipping the product, you want to dress for cleaning product containers for the transport of water confirmed toxic pollution, transport prohibited the use of malachite green and other banned drugs, the product moving, the action to light, avoid product damage and infection germs.

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