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the lobster crabs relaying adapt to the new water traps

Data:2013/10/23 0:21:32

  1 crab transportation

prior to shipment, the crab fishing tool box and cleaned and disinfected after exposure to thoroughly understand the clean water in the bottom layer of freshly washed wet plants will crabs scattered in the box. each containing 1 kg of crabs, box sealed, capped wet idiot. transit in preventing hair directly under the premise of maintaining ventilation and promptly uniform spray some mist, try to avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures and prevent crab tank jolt, only to ensure the survival rate of crabs 95% or more.

   (2) crab relaying

crab arrived, according to stocking density 10,000 / sqm lobster traps holding culture. relaying of main food of red worms and water worms, supplemented surimi, artificial mixing feed and plant food. 2 to 3 times a day feeding, daily feeding amount of crab for 20% of total body weight to 30%. day 30% of total fed diets, feeding the remaining 70% of the night. crab relaying of 20 days or so, molting 2 or 3 times.

   3 large libraries stocking

the lobster crabs relaying adapt to the new water traps, select schungite carapace, abdomen white, infirmity, appendages integrity, hard shell without injury, activities crab agile and responsive delivery pens area. stocking density of crab 1500 to 2200 / ha, beans crab 150,000 ~200,000 / ha. large library stocked with natural food, supplemented by appropriate size, not water soluble synthetic bait, the whole growing animal feed ratio (concentrate) 45% bran, bread (coarse material) 30% of the plants (green material) 25%. specific feeding arrangements, pre-cast fine, thick, green material ratio of 30: 40: 30, the latter cast fine, thick, green material ratio 65: 20: 15. generally more sunny days hey, rainy days less feed.

   4 crab management

block have enough density to achieve a solid block, there is no gap, but should always check the nets, to prevent damage to nets, crab flight.

   5 crab fishing

crab fishing period from late august to early november, fishing tools mainly for the cage and lobster traps bamboo fish trap. lobster traps bamboo fish trap from the block, character mesh, mesh body and small lobster traps composition, the general length of 40 to 60 meters, width of 20 to 30meters. block above the water surface, character mesh with the body's first high net equivalent of about one meter. net body gradually decreases inwardly from the first, with the small lobster traps convergence approximately 0.5 m × 0.5 meters away. small lobster traps generally 2 to 3meters long, the whole lobster traps were used bamboo bamboo fish trap fixed network daily from 1 to 2 times. the cage is a close with the release nets, cages earth 40 to 50 meters long, with a diameter of 6.5 mm steel tied into 40 cm × 50 cm, spacing of 1 to 1.2 m grid, and then tied into a polyethylene mesh cages, cages in a grid set up a character in the net hole, allowing the crab into but not out. small the cage 10 meters long, with a diameter of 4.5 mm steel tied 25 cm × 30 cm, the grid spacing of 0.8 m, and then tied into a mesh cages, put the closing day. remove the crab catch up specifications relaying, crab farming area refocus pens.

   6 crab holding culture

to stagger into a large crab harvesting, the market price is relatively low time of capture hierarchical classification of different treatments for crab, crab and disability will be robust, different specifications of female and male crabs fatten separate weight gain. short-term use of dry relaying, select ventilation, insulation of the room, masonry 2 meters high, an area of three square meters of smooth concrete ponds, the bottom right amount of water plants spread, add crab, 2 to 3 times daily watering, feeding a small amount of fish. long-term use of holding tanks should be relaying water depth of 1.5 meters, changing the water once a day, regularly put food, and promote their fertility long heavy.

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