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lobster traps pond water quality should be chosen near water

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crab (also known as larvae, "crab") is to nurture the seeds of crab farming provides an important link. during this time, up to seven times the number of crab molting, fast growth, weight gain multiple large, it is particularly important to strengthen the feeding and management.
   ⒈ rice paddy cultivation larvae and juveniles must cultivate a quiet, irrigation can row, strong ability to retain water and nutrients clay or loam, prior to be excavated ring ditch, field ditch and holding tanks, separate water channels built with gaisu board, asbestos and other materials to build fangtao facilities. stocking time in early may to early june, paddy per acre stocked crab 0.5-1kg, crabs first fence in the ring groove in cultivation, the ditch is uniformly cloth into attachments, crab feed fed into the pool after , big eyes feeding larval stages of egg yolk, fed once every 2-3 hours, later changed into a cast surimi crab cake and wheat bran plus, feeding rate from 100% to 5% -7%, japan fed4-6 times. planting rice seedlings in live trees can be determined nurture pool crab specifications and quantity can be made to ring fence around the ditch, so that crab climb into their own field. in order to improve the utilization of rice, but also stocking some silver carp, bighead carp species of plankton to feeding rice paddies, general acres put 30-50 tail.
   ⒉ ponds
with 3-5 acres suitable breeding ponds, pool depth 1.5 m, depth of 0.8-1 m, requires less silt bottom outlet direction to tilt so easy when the autumn harvest, the surface of the water should be in the pool side, located at the outlet block, around the pool have fangtao equipment, stocking well before dredging the pond disinfection, pool transplanting elodea, bitter grass, water, peanuts and other aquatic plants. acre stocked crab 0.5-1kg or larval 20,000 -3 million. crab cultivation stage before the latter part of the general food ration animal feed mainly medium mainly fed wheat bran, wheat flakes, water plants, etc., according to the amount of feeding forage species, water quality conditions, weather conditions, water temperature and feeding intensity crab aberdeen increase or decrease, we should always xuntang attention fangtao crab pond, water quality changes, to keep the water clean and prevent deterioration of water quality.
section iv crab farming
one, ponds
   ⒈ pond selection
   ① water,lobster traps pond water quality should be chosen near water, adequate water, no chemical plants and other nearby pollution, water quality is good, in line with national fisheries gbll607-1989 quality standard.
   ② pond pond area of 10-50 acres suitable conditions, to the east-west rectangular shaped pool as well, perennial water depth of 0.5-1.5m,to improve irrigation and drainage facilities, volleyball, irrigation apart.
   ③ fangtao equipment around the pool on a solid and reliable four fangtao equipment, general equipment fangtao cement wall, gaisu board, metal, nylon film, glass and steel.
   ⒉ preparation before stocking fingerlings
   ① clear pond disinfection
10-15 days before stocking in larvae conduct, clear pond disinfection drugs commonly used lime, bleaching powder, tea seed meal, etc., according to the amount of depth, the amount of sludge decisions, such as lime, dry qingchi per acre dosage of 60-75 kg, melted quanchiposa. ching lime water to kill not only harmful organisms, but also improves the bottom soil and increasing the water content of calcium, which is the crab has an important role in growth and development.
   ② planting plants
crab habitat for both plants, to avoid shell places, there are also water purification effect, while still a good eating crab feed, common plants have hydrilla, elodea, bitter grass, plants covering an area of the pond 60-70 %, excessive weeds should be removed, water, peanuts band setting, in larvae after stocking.
   ③ transplant live snail snail meat is delicious, crab eating, is an ideal high-quality natural feed, generally transplant time before the ching ming, per acre transplant 200-250kg.
   ⒊ fry stocking
larvae stocking time and quantity according to the specifications and sources, such as stocking 100-200 / kg, larvae, usually in january-februarywas carried out between 500-800 acres put only; such as stocking 2,000 / kg or so the crab, usually in april-may was carried out between 2000-3000 acres put only. to consume plankton in water, from the water purification effect can also stocking size of 50-100g / tail silver carp, bighead carp species, put 50 acres or so.
   ⒋ feed fed
crab is an omnivore, commonly used plant feed a variety of plants, wheat, corn, rice, soybean meal, wheat bran, etc.; animal feed with snails, clams, mussels and other benthic animals, slaughterhouse waste, fish and shrimp, blood meal, chrysalis, maggots, worms and cladocerans and copepods insects; addition to natural and artificial single bait, there is the full price of bait. bait feeding should adhere to the "timing,positioning, qualitative, quantitative," the four principles laid down. timing is daily morning and afternoon feeding 1, fed mainly by the evening5-6; positioning that is fixed feeding sprinkle sprinkle with the proper combination to ensure that all can eat crab feed; qualitative namely fresh bait not bad, dirty, fine, green fodder with a reasonable; quantitative growth stages according to the specific, season, weather and other factors feeding the amount of flexibility to ensure enough to eat crabs eat, avoid suddenly full suddenly hungry.
   ⒌ water quality control crab pond water adhere to the "former shallow, medium deep, logistics," the principle that the early phase of shallow water, in order to raise the water temperature to promote molting; interim particularly hot summer and autumn to maintain deep water, and always keep the water clean, adequate dissolved oxygen. usually natural erosion of water, the water level is too shallow, you should promptly add water; when water is too thick, you should replace them with new water, especially in summer and autumn period is more qinhuan water. changing the water inlet speed is not too fast too fast, you can take the edge row side irrigation methods, in order to maintain a relatively stable level. water exchange times in june for 1 week before the water, for water 1/5-1/4 july-august 2-3 times a week for water, changing the water every 1/3,september every 5 -10 days for a second water, changing the water every 1/3-1/2. the injected fresh water to prevent excessive temperature difference japan exogenous contamination.
   ⒍ fill both crab grass cast snails tasty fodder plants, but also crab in water fixtures; snail nutritious, crab and development must also contain calcium, phosphorus and other substances; plants and snail can adsorb water and soil fertilizer copies, helps improve sediment and water quality. in addition to stocking larvae after planting eelgrass transplant water, peanuts, duckweed and other aquatic plants, and put live crabs in the pool so that in snail growth and reproduction, but also constantly replenished during breeding plants and snail, ensure that the coverage of plants pond representing about 60% of the total area, the number of snail per m21000 or more. ⒎ daily management to adhere to xuntang once each morning and evening, a water quality investigation and found that changes in water quality and timely to take water, changing the water measures; two check crab feeding, adjust the feed ration; three plants attachments and check the number of natural food such as relaying pool aquatic plants and snails are eaten by crabs should be added; four examinations fangtao facilities soundness, especially stormy weather should always check to prevent crab escape; five investigations disease organisms and invasive predators found unusual circumstances, to take timely measures to guard against.

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