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lobster traps seedling planting should use naifei strong

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   ⒈ network construction with double mesh wai wai, two gateway every 5m, net enclosures surrounded by bamboo (trees) as fixed piles, each pile spacing of 2-3m, cutting a good polyethylene mesh sewn into position with a rope bondage on piles, pull into a vertical and horizontal plane, mesh bottom cages with stones and ground anchors, that the net sediment feet and snapping, pressed into the sediment gabion 20cm, online portion above the water 1-1.5m, top and then loaded on the "t" of the mesh, the network has a 30-50cm upper vertical downward po film made of a plastic netcanopies, close contact with the network.
   ⒉ grass net investment lo wai facilities built, electricity catch catching clean farming area is large ferocious fish, plant elodea 2-3months per m2 with sprigs 2-3kg, absorbed into several bundles stamped into the bottom of the lake in the mud, a month or so to take root, grow, to flourish, while transplanting several strains of wormwood and reeds and other emergent plants, transplanting the total area on the water about1/5 of water peanut communities . qingming put forward within the network around fresh snail, mu 500kg. the crab, fish create a good ecological environment and provide quality natural food.
   larvae ⒊ fry stocking stocking grass cast screw a month after, but also the first around a small piece of the larvae advance into. sets of fish species stocked in 5-6 months. larvae are placed with potassium permanganate or salt, fish trichlorfon with bleach or disinfectant drugs such as dipping 10-30 minutes. select the authentic quality of the yangtze river, "crab", requiring the same specifications, 160 / kg or so per acre stocking control 600 or less, and can set up 6-9cm mandarin fish, 2-3cm big catfish sized fingerlings, stocking acres, respectively 20 and 50or so.
   ⒋ lobster traps feed fed regularly supplemented plants, snails, crabs feeding the natural food-based, pre-order for snail growth and reproduction, may be appropriate feeding some fresh snail clam and small trash, fed once a day late feeding pumpkins, potatoes wire and fresh fish, fish meal, soybean meal, soya food to supplement the natural food of nutritional deficiencies, ensuring crab fat body fat. feed requirements cast fresh, palatable, mildew, rot, for leftover food to promptly remove and avoid ruin water quality. ⒌ mainly do fangtao daily management work in the larvae initialstocking mutations due to environmental, crab activity is frequent, the easiest escape. thus, in the two weeks after stocking, to adhere checked daily net enclosures fangtao effect, to prevent breakage or crab from under the bottom gang escape. in late breeding, because the role of crab reproductive migration law, which increased opportunities to escape, you must guard against the guarantee fangtao facilities intact. in july-august flood season, good facilities around the reinforcing mesh work, prepare a number of flood control materials, to prevent network storm toppled around facilities. secondly network around four weeks to do the cleaning work, timely clear coating deposited on the net waves around four weeks slag.
third, the paddy field crab
   ⒈ paddy ready
   ① select crab rice paddy must be quiet environment, convenient transportation, irrigation can row, ability to retain water and fertilizer clay or loam, special requests clean water, free from industrial waste, fertilizers, pesticides and other pollution. ph value of between 6.8-9,the best 7.5-8.5, acidic lime rice can be transformed. rice should be rectangular ew, which will help increase the exposure time, easy to manage.rice farming is best concentrated, which has a certain size, each field area in between 7.5-15 acres.
   ② trench excavation pond crab rice plots require excavation ring groove, field ditch and holding tanks. ring ditch excavation along the ridge inside four weeks, from the ridge 2-3m, groove width of 1.5-2m, depth 0.8m-1m; yield paddy field ditch ditch can be based on an appropriate widening deepened, was "10" or "well" glyph; holding tanks length depending on the size of plots, general width of 5-6m, depth 1.2m. ring ditch, field ditch and holding tanks to be connected to each other unimpeded, excavation of the area to the total area of paddy fields accounted for15% -20%, the excavated soil for heightening reinforcement ridge, ridge demanding 0.8-1m, top more than 1m wide, the construction compaction rammer to prison.
   ③ supporting rice farming in river water should be separated from other fields, to build a separate water channels, the choice of about 40cmdiameter concrete culvert bricks can also be used brick, stone and other materials to build water channels. drainage can make use of the original paddy drainage channels. jin, drains should use more dense barbed wire or plastic mesh sealed to prevent the escape of farmed crabs and predators with water to enter.
④ fangtao facilities fangtao paddy crab is the key to success. crab fangtao facilities requiring high 50-60cm, buried in the soil within 10-20cm, can be prefabricated reinforced concrete into standard cement board, anti-oxidation ability of gaisu board, asbestos and other materials,along paddy ridge middle four weeks buried, with wood, bamboo piles supporting fixed and fine iron sizha prison, two board joints should be closely and can not leave gaps, to build curved corners.
   ⒉ fry rearing
   ① optional crab
requires selection of the yangtze river crab breeding pro crabs, crabs per kg in the number of about 160,000, more than five days after the time of the desalination process, out of the pool when the following 3 ‰ salinity, crabs infirmity, specifications and tidy, color pure, swimming crawl active. check the drain to the water when the crabs with the clutch one, gently grip, then release the hand, such as the four immediately fled, crawling very quickly, then prove crabs better quality; conversely, poor quality.
   ② crab crab transport usually used cartons seedlings, air-conditioned car transport. crab meas 60 × 30 × 6 (cm) or 60 × 40 × 10 (cm). tank wall made with cedar board on each side to open a rectangular transom. bottom and surrounded by 16 mesh silk fixed. each box miao 0.5-1kg. everyfive crabs box as a group, the top covered, when loaded seedlings, each crab tank between the layers to be tight and firm, do not leave gaps or uneven phenomenon, to prevent the escape of crabs crawled out from the gap. transportation to prevent wind, sun, rain, bumps.
   ③ food culture crabs into the pool in order to be able to feeding into the natural food palatability, crabs before stocking in culture based bait method is to nurture adjusted to 20 ℃ water temperature right right, with the maturity of animal manure applied into the pool , the amount depending pool basal level, generally around 1000kg per acre, but also in the pool splashing milk, soaked and ground into a paste with soy spill 3-5 days, at a temperature suitable for the case of seven days or so appears rotifers and small cladocerans, these are the best bait crabs, crabs can improve the survival rate.
   ④ crab crab stocking before discharge varies depending on the requirements field crab, typically in every 667 m2 (acres) 2000-3000 daejeon only need crab, crab to crab generally based on the survival rate of about 25% calculated. holding tanks nurture their crab crab stocking density per m21200-2300 只(approximately 7.5-15g). crab transported to the edge of the pool, it should be placed in the first crab tank water for1-2 minutes, then lift, so repeated 2-3 times to adapt crab breeding ponds of water temperature and water quality.
   ⑤ larval crabs into the pool immediately after cultivation evenly cloth into the attachments, and began feeding fodder, big eyes larval stage feeding egg yolk, fed once every 2-3 hours, later changed into a crab vote surimi plus soybean meal and wheat bran, feeding rate from 100%to 5% -7%, 4-6 times daily ration. crab cultivation best to maintain the micro-flow periods, keep the water reaches fat, live, tender, cool,insisting day early, middle and late xuntang observe water fertility, timing measurement temperature, add water or changing the water frequently , in case of hypoxia timely inflatable pool aerobics.
   ⑥ daejeon stocking generally live trees planting rice seedlings after, then you can determine the pool larval nurture the specifications and quantity, if the quantity is just suitable for farming field, you can allocate to breeding ponds pens, so that self-climbing crab into the field, if the quantity to be insufficient or excess transfers, paddy per acre generally controlled at 2500 or so. in order to improve the utilization of rice, silver carp and bighead carp species can also be stocking some paddy fields in feeding plankton, general acres put 30-50tail.
   ⒊ rice planting pipe
   ①lobster traps seedling planting should use naifei strong, hard stems, not lodging, fewer pests and diseases, high yield, and the rice harvest maturity consistent with crab rice varieties. seedling seedling plot in first bred seedlings before transplanting to the field in the 2-3 days before transplanting to 1 on seedling pusch efficient pesticides. using shallow transplanting, wide row planting method dense lines, spacing of 5 × 5 or 5 × 6 (cm), and note the appropriate increase in medial ridge, crab planting density on both sides of the ditch to play marginal advantage.
   ② before rice planting fertilizer application shizujifei basal dominated by long-cake, cake can be applied per acre 200-250kg, can also be combined with soil preparation before planting a deep application of urea per acre 10-20kg, dressing to urea-based, full-term applied 2-3 times per acre 4-6kg, as the rice-growing conditions.
   ③ weed prevention crab rice fields, some of the crab grass was eaten, but barnyard grass to manually dial in addition, the growth of late rice borer mainly three generations of the hazards, in addition to medication before planting a general rule, the third generation borer efficiency and low toxicity pesticides can be used to take the spray approach to prevention and control, attention to drug concentration, medication and then change the water once, doing both play pest control effect, will not harm the crab.
   ④ reasonable resting fields in order to ensure the growth of crab foraging, to properly handle the crab, rice growing relationship with water. there are usually kept paddy field surface water depth of 5-10cm. when you take a short resting fields light shelf, the water level dropped out of the water to paddy field surface to allow air into the soil, sunlight, field surface, play a role in warming sterilization, enhance root activity,in order to achieve the purpose of resting fields, win high-yield rice.
   ⒋ aquaculture management
   ① see feed fed pond crab parts.
   ② water quality control paddy field crab because shallow water, especially in the hot summer months, to keep rice fresh water, adequate dissolved oxygen. water too shallow, you should promptly add water when the water is too thick, you should replace them with new water. changing the water inlet speed is not too fast too fast, you can take the edge row side irrigation methods, in order to maintain a relatively stable level.under normal circumstances, paddy water depth of 5-10cm can be maintained.
   ③ disease control the growth of rice farming, better living conditions, less common diseases, but also to implement the "prevention, anti emphasis on governance" policy. first, create a good ecological environment from the start by laying plants, put on live snail, strengthen quality management, reasonable scientific fed diets and other measures to strengthen self crab disease resistance; followed by regular water disinfection, generally once a month spill quicklime, play disinfection, water purification and increasing the role of calcium.
   ④ daily management to adhere to field once each morning and evening patrol, a water quality investigation and found that changes in water quality and timely to take water, changing the water measures; two check crab feeding, adjust the feed ration; three plants attachments and check the number of natural food such as relaying pool aquatic plants and snails are eaten by crabs replenish; four examinations fangtao facilitiessoundness, especially stormy weather should always check to prevent crab escape; five investigations disease organisms and predators attack andfound no under normal circumstances, to take timely measures to guard against.

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