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new germination grow into a plume of lobster traps blue mud moss green filaments

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    cage boxes relaying with bamboo plaited or braided belt, can be compiled into bottom diameter 40cm, height 20cm, diameter 20cm drum-shaped crab cage; or long 2-3m,2m high 1-1.5m wide rectangular box crab . placed according to specifications of selected adult crabs (with separate male and female parts can),then crab crab cage pre-selected water tank into deep rivers, lakes, with stakes, bamboo pile fixed suspension in water requirements cage (box) does not rely on the bottom mud. in order to make relaying crab fattening bodyguard, in a cage or box can be regularly feeding some animal food and vegetables and so on. this method is holding culture, the survival rate of up to 90%. ⒊ concrete ponds or ponds relaying fangtao better facilities with earthen ponds for holding tanks. cement holding tanks area 200-400 m2, pool depth 1.2-1.5m; earthen ponds vary in size, usually about 2000 m2. prior to holding tanks with lime or bleaching powder and other drugs clear pond disinfection, to be toxic disappears, then add merchandise crab. relaying density control in 1kg / m2 or less. management should keep the water clean, high temperatures change the water every2-3 days, the water temperature is low  water level to deepen 1.5m; temporary longer when fed the right amount of plant and animal food, in order to ensure temporary crab fat body fat. three, packing and shipping merchandise crab crab available ⒈ packaging net bags, calceolaria, foam boxes and other containers for packaging, transport before crab gills to absorb enough moisture to keep moist, according to specifications, separate male and female full bloom. such as foam cartons, boxes general specifications (50 × 40 × 30) cm, bottom covered with a layer of fresh plants or toxic calceolaria, crab, only to be stratified by flat, each containing 20-25kg, put the upper after a small amount of wet plants with lid pressed, with temperatures inside to lobster traps put some crushed ice. ⒉ transport distance transport available bicycle, motorcycle hauling, long-haul transport available trains, cars, preferably with insulation car transport. to prevent transit squeeze each other, to prevent crawling, so breathable, windproof, anti-sun and rain, anti-high temperature. ⒊ store shipped to their destination, shall promptly dissipate into the atmosphere in the cement pond, aquarium, water spray moisturizer from time to time. section vi disease prevention a common crab, bacterial gill disease can be prevented from the beginning of april, every half dbdmh 0.1mg / l chlorine or bromine hein 0.2mg / l whole pool (box) spill disinfection 1, treatment with dbdmh 0.3mg / l chlorine or bromine hein 0.45 mg / l whole pool (box) spill, the next day and then a second. second, reovirus vibriosis disease crab carapace with red spots lesions, gills reddish brown, partial or total paralysis of the limbs, difficulty molting. crab appendages rot disease or anal irritation, causing crab feeding, and a coma phenomenon, often in shallow ponds molting, and later died. the disease mainly against crab and crab, the incidence season for may to september. control methods: ① bactericidal drugs are available before and after the onset of the season for water disinfection, commonly used drugs are oxytetracycline, bacteria shenduqing, baidu net and chlorine preparations. ② in the crab feed add 1% -2% of the crab li kang no. 1 or 2% crab li kang 2, or oxytetracycline per kg of crab added0.1-0.2g feeding, 5-7 days for a course of treatment. three, trembling disease, also known shiver disease, ring claw disease. crab in the early stages, the limbs are still capable of straight, immediately went after retraction can not be straightened. disease crab standing instability, difficulty turning, unable to act, not crawling, continuous tremors, loss of appetite and stop eating, the body of water, 4-5 days after the death. disease pathogens present inconclusive, the various stages of crab has the disease, and spread rapidly lethal.

    control methods: ① note nutritionally balanced diet and appropriate to add vitamin crabs, molting hormone and plant food. ② prohibited drug abuse, especially the seed stage, avoid causing damage to the internal organs crab. ③ topical formalin, dichloro hein, lime quanchiposa, oral virus ling, ban langen, li kang crab, crab will kang and other drugs, 5-7 days for a course of treatment. fourth, the crab ashore disease disease often show dynamic travel anxiety, eating reduced most severe stay on the shore, poor feeding. the disease mainly hazards of crab, the incidence of fast, wide row system, great harm. main cause of crabs in the nursery ponds with insects, contaminated;lobster traps deterioration of water quality; nutritional imbalance and other factors. control methods: ① keep the water clean, adequate dissolved oxygen, feeding palatable, nutritionally complete food. ② purchased crabs must be strictly quarantine to prevent the parasite carrier. ③ using crab bait li kang, kang will crab ashore stop other drugs mixed with bait feeding. five, crustaceans disease can destroy the disease by some chitin caused by bacterial infection. disease crab carapace appear brown, reddish brown punctate lesions, these spots gradually developed into a massive, central parts of the ulcer edge was black, and then cause other bacterial, fungal invasion. control methods: ① clear pond with quicklime, quicklime used 20ppm spill prevention. ② also available baidu net, gold chloride and strong chlorine for water disinfection, serious once every 2-3 times. ③ oral crab or crab ning li kang feed ratio of 2% by mixing even fed 3-5 days, you can control the spread of the disease. six, black gill disease in light of crab gill when some were dark gray or black, when all becomes ill then black. the disease is caused by bacteria, occurs in late crab farming, water environment is the main predisposing factor. control methods: ① thoroughly before stocking disinfected with lime, often filling new water, keep the water clean. ② in feed oxytetracycline, furans drugs feeding. seven, ciliates disease megalopa major hazards and crab from zoothamnium, single reduction worm and other ciliates attached to the crab's limbs. control methods: ① 20ppm formalin quanchiposa; net or crustaceans, crustaceans and other drugs do use according to the manufacturer instructions. eight, molting crab carapace disease fail trailing edge of the junction with the abdomen had cracks appear, but can not slough off the old shell, resulting in the phenomenon of death, major hazards, the latter part of the crab, especially compared with hypertrophy of individual adult crabs often the disease occurs. control methods: ① often raise new water splashed lime, calcium-rich in dietary substances. ② regularly in feed crabs, shrimp and crab shell composite elements such as vitamins and drugs. ② available spilled tea seed cake extract can promote crab molting. nine, blue mud blue mud moss moss is a general term for a number of filamentous algae, new germination grow into a plume of lobster traps blue mud moss green filaments, standing in the water, the blue mud moss ball aging mess wire, floating in the water, . especially for crab cultivation harm. control methods: ① pond polyculture part bream, bream fish to feeding moss. ② drug treatment: drugs commonly used copper sulfate, gypsum powder, solid or liquid moss off the net, etc., can choose one of these drugs. ten, biological predators are snakes, frogs, toads rats, ferocious fish, birds, crayfish, eels and so on. control methods: ① built fangtao wall, and regular maintenance checks. ② intake strict filtering, prevention ferocious fish mixed. ③ take "fishing, lure, catch, poison" and approach.

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