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we must concentrate fed to lobster traps set within the bait station to prevent waste

Data:2013/10/23 0:58:57

lobster traps with synthetic mesh and other materials a certain shape of the box, set up a large bodies of water fish production. which has a stocking density, high survival rate, fast growth, breeding cycle is short, low feed conversion rates, flexible, easy to operate, less investment, economic advantages, the majority of farmers to get rich is a good road. now its farming techniques are described below.
a, lobster traps fish waters conditions
(a) setting lobster traps to waters sheltered sunny, flat bottom, depth of 3m above requirements perennial, without prejudice to the transportation and water conservancy facilities.
(b) a more open surface, water balance, water flow rate 0.2m / s or less.
(three) fresh water, no pollution, aquaculture silver carp, bighead carp lobster traps to choose water than fat waters.
(four) preferably close to the villages nearby, easy to manage.
two, lobster traps of construction and equipment
(a) lobster structural traps
1, lobster traps composition: lobster traps by the cabinet, frame and buoyancy devices three parts.
case is lobster traps body, vinyl and other materials from the various mesh woven wire mesh stitched together. framework is hanging cabinet with bracket, with bamboo, wood, steel, plastic pipe and other materials. buoyancy device has a fishing float with plastic, glass balls, oil drums and car tires.
2, lobster traps shapes: a rectangular, cube, cylinder, etc., currently cuboid more.
3, mesh size: lobster traps mesh size of the object is determined by the stocking. the lobster fry stocking traps requires mesh at 1.1cm below the lobster fish stocking traps, mesh 2.5 ~ 3cm, adult fish lobster traps, mesh is 3 ~ 5cm.
(two) lobster traps devices
by lobster traps in the form of devices can be divided into fixed lobster traps, floating lobster traps, sunken lobster traps. the specific installation methods are: the lobster traps length and width with four bamboo or fir (diameter 10 ~ 12cm), hanging lobster traps sides of cabinet, with the 12th frame made of iron sizha prison, lobster traps oil drums or car inner tubes, etc. and bound float in the lobster traps bottom corners of stone or brick for hanging sinker, so that the net bottom straighten swing.thick vinyl with a rope or wire rope will lobster traps corner tied to stakes fixed on the shore, short or long rope to move thelobster traps. if multiple lobster traps arrangement, lobster traps spread between sparse as possible, boxes and boxes of vertical and horizontal distance of 10 ~ 20m.
third, fish stocking
(a) species stocking
selected as the lobster traps farmed fish must have: (a) fast growth, breeding cycle is short; 2) bait is not strictly required, easy to solve; (3) fresh meat by the market and high economic value; (4) species source easy to solve; (5) adaptability, disease resistance, easy to farming.
currently the vast rural areas mostly lobster traps grass carp, carp, with bream, tilapia and silver carp, bighead carp is more common in large and medium reservoirs, mostly lobster traps cultivate carp
(two) stocking size, bighead carp species, local stocking, to solve large water fish stocking.
average fish lobster traps, stocking size at 5cm above, should be big not small. adult fish lobster traps, generally re-stocking grass carp tail above requirements 100g, 250g or so better, carp, bighead carp tail focusing 50g or more, fingerling specifications neatly as possible.
(three) with a stocking density and stocking density according to lobster traps size, water quality, fish food sources, to develop specifications and depending on the level of farming technology. incubation lobster traps, generally waters stocking silver carp, bighead carp fry 50 to 200 / m3, water quality can be compared with fat 200 ~ 300 / m3, out of the box size up to 13cm or so, it can be stocked with the proportion of 50% to the total 70%. adult fish lobster traps, stocking 20 to 100 / m3, which put the kind of weight is generally 1:5 growth rate of meat, which requires production of adult fish lobster 500kg be sure to put enough traps 100kg fish and require a place full. with the proportion of its mostly grass-based, the other with about 10% of the bream, bighead carp or tilapia.
(four) running time
cultivate species lobster traps, 6月底early july stocking fry to extend the growing season. age 2 fish and farmed fish, lobsterinto fish traps should be placed at the winter solstice to complete before the beginning of spring. the best choice for sunny days, the water temperature about 10 ℃ delivery, frozen period, can not be put in, to prevent frostbite.
(five) species into the box note
lobster traps in the water before netting to carefully check whether there is damage, and require fish tank top 10 world under water, so that lobster traps have some softening and attachments to reduce friction of the box after human species damage. neatly into the box fingerling requirement specifications, infirmity, disease no injury, the best place nurture, to avoid long-distance transport. species into the box before dragnet exercise to adapt lobster traps environments. grass species to be immunized, and use drugs immersion disinfection, stocking operations carefully and accurately calculate into the box. just putlobster traps due to a moment of species adapt to the new environment of the waters, the fish are often bouncing or along lobster traps four weeks kept swimming, should be promptly put in a small amount of grass to reduce scurrying into the box after the unrest.
four, feeding and management
(a) the daily management
daily management of the quality of the work, not only affect the yield, but also directly related to the lobster trapssuccess, therefore, should do the following tasks.
1, the periodic inspection lobster traps: lobster traps are most afraid of breaking the net fish escape of fish, usually weekly inspections a day, usually in small waves weather, morning or afternoon inspection, paying particular attention to underwater 30 ~ 40cm mesh clothing, because there is often affected by floating objects impact, as well as water rats and other predators attack, it is easily damaged escape of fish. check the network behind him, and then check the bottom nets and netting screen frame linked with various points of these places netting easy to wear and tear and the formation vulnerabilities, where the suture should carefully check the wiring to prevent the occurrence of loose knot. case to the flood impact, obstacles care or discover lobster disorders in fish traps should be checked lobster traps, identify vulnerabilities, make up a good time.
2, anti-wind waves: in the storm before the advent of flood season, to check whether the firm framework, reinforcement anchor rope, stakes, to prevent the lobster traps sunk and was swept away to prevent floating debris impact.
3, timely shift box: drought, the water level dropped, netting a stranded danger, we should lobster traps to the deep water movement; peak before the arrival put lobster traps to slow flow is moved to avoid the impact of floods, such as contaminated water into the box to the case, shall promptly lobster traps to a safe suitable places.
4, to prevent fish and other predators ferocious bite lobster traps biting fish: if you find puffer fish, crabs, turtles, mice bite lobster traps, should take appropriate protective measures.
5, adhere to wash the box: lobster after launching traps, easily with students and other algae, moss blue mud clogged mesh adhesion, affecting water exchange, increasing lobster traps weight, corrosion mesh material, latent fish pathogens, seriously affecting farming effects, therefore, must promptly remove lobster the residue leftover bait traps and dead fish, insist on regular cleaning lobster traps. the cleaning method is: netting lift, using bamboo and other materials, human beat mesh to flick attachments, or artificial scrub clean. where conditions using high-pressure water jet gun rinse. biological removal method can also be used in the lobster traps in polyculture attached algae eating fish such as bream, tilapia, carp, crucian carp, microlepis fish, this method can not only save labor and money, but also to increase fish production.
(two) scientific feeding
intensive fish feeding is the main measures to increase production, the quality of feed and feeding technology is affecting aquaculture production and economic benefits of the key. this must be scientific feeding, so that "four" feeding.
1, qualitative: feeding the feed requirements of fresh, palatable non-toxic, generally do not feed the fish feed spoiled some feeds can soak and then fed drugs to prevent the occurrence of fish diseases.
2, quantitative: quantification is based on the size of the fish, in different seasons, moderate and reasonable feeding time.when the water temperature reaches 7 ℃ or more, you can feed a small amount of fresh grass, as the temperature increases, gradually increase the amount fed, from july to september is the peak feeding fish, but also grass carp "violent long-term", must make fish eat eat. as for the daily feeding amount, according to the fish feeding, weather, events and so flexible.feeding soon after eating, feeding amount should be increased, such as after prolonged feeding eat, you should reduce the amount of feeding; weather should be investing more, when it rains less sultry cast; fish robust activity normal multi-cast, the incidence of less vote or not vote.
3, time: average fed twice a day, ie 8 am to 9 pm, 16 to 17:00; july to september of fish growing season, can be fed three times daily, 8 am to 9 pm, 14 ~ 15:00, 18:00 ~ 19:00.
4, position: we must concentrate fed to lobster traps set within the bait station to prevent waste, but also easy to check feeding conditions, availability or sieve gauze pad made of bamboo with a smooth, suspended in 40cm of water.

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