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lobster traps fish rely on external water tank swap body

Data:2013/10/23 1:02:31

a rectangular, square, cylindrical, octagonal, etc. the current production is more commonly used rectangular, followed by a square, because of its ease of operation, over the water area, making convenient.
3. lobster the size of traps
the smallest lobster traps area of about 1 square meter, usually 1-15 meters of lobster is a small lobster traps traps, lobster trapsarea of 15-60 square meters of medium-sized lobster traps, large lobster traps area of 60-100 square meters, there is a greater 500-600 square meters. generally speaking, lobster traps of the area should not be too big, too big to maneuver, wind power is poor. but too small lobster traps yield is high, but the cost is high. now mostly use 10-30 square meters in size of lobster traps, 3 × 4 meters and other specifications.
4. lobster traps height  
  lobster traps based on the height and depth of the water body to determine the vertical distribution of plankton. at present, many with a high 1.5 -2.5 m. deep water can also be used 2-4 meters tall lobster traps. but lobster distance from the bottom and underwater traps at least 0.5 meters above the bottom of the waste in order to discharge lobster traps.
5. mesh size
cabinet mesh size should be based on the object to determine breeding to try to save material, but also to achieve lobster water traps highest exchange rate policy. mesh is too small, not only the lobster traps increased costs, but also affect the water exchange updates; mesh is too large, the phenomenon has emerged escape of fish. usually stocked with 4 cm fry fish with mesh 1.1 cm of lobster traps; stocking 11-13 cm in an age of fish, with a net. 2. 5-3 cm lobster traps; develop fish lobster traps, with 3-5 cm mesh lobster traps. in order to make unobstructed water exchange to reduce lobster traps flush times, preferably with fish grow up, switch to a larger mesh lobster traps.
(two) lobster traps devices
1. lobster traps device type   
according water conditions, feeding objects and lobster the different types of traps, china's lobster traps apparatus has the following three methods.
(1) floating lobster traps
cabinet mesh outline four weeks on tying the knot tied in with the frame of bamboo, etc., mesh outline four weeks under the department sinker, frame ends with a rope tied together with anchors, catchy sealed with mesh, frame tied floating child, floating on the water surface.
floating lobster traps simple structure, material representing provinces, wind power is strong, able with the water level, wind, water and float freely. generally set in the open water, the water level is unstable, and from vessels less water.
floating lobster traps have a single box and multi-box floating floating. single box floating a single box set one location with a single anchor or double anchors. its good water exchange, to facilitate transfer case and cleaning lobster traps, but wind power is poor. boxes of floating is 3-5 lobster traps, in series in a row, both ends fixed to an anchor, each row lobster trapsshould be greater than 50 meters distance. this method takes less water, management is relatively concentrated, suitable for large-scale development, but the production as effective as single box floating.
(2) fixed lobster traps
normally open type lobster traps, the piles and rail links into frames, lobster traps hanging in the frame, the outline is not installed float, lobster traps the upper and lower corners top and bottom of the pile hoop coupling or pulley, easy to adjust thelobster traps down and wash boxes, fishing and so on. net 0.7 - 1 meter above the surface of the body, the net body underwater 1.5 -2.5 m. usually with the water level down box can not be raised and lowered, this method is only applicable to small changes in water level shallow lakes peace prototype reservoir. advantage of low cost, easy to operate, easy to manage, wind resistance, the disadvantage is not migrate, it is difficult to set in deep water, and lobster traps inside the fish habitat varies constantly with the water level changes, such as not pay attention to timely adjustment will affect the feeding effect.
(3) sink style lobster traps
whole lobster sunk in the water traps predetermined depth. changes in water level network itself is not affected, mesh attachments less affected by wind and waves, water impact, suitable for sea water lobster big fish traps and storm locations. as winter in northern china often use when wintering species. drawback is that maneuver, fish growth rate and low level of production.
2. lobster and density of traps arranged in a way
   lobster traps arranged in a way should be considered to ensure that each lobster traps can be a good water exchange, management and convenient principle, lobster traps should be possible between the finished shape sparse staggered arrangement.
   lobster the density of traps water conditions and management should be based on conditions determined. breeding silver carp, bighead carp lobster traps, bait-rich fertilizer in the waters, lobster traps can be accounted for 1% of large water, water leaner 0.5%. feeding of farmed fish, according to the flow of water in their own waters, water quality fertilizer degrees, depending on the level of dissolved oxygen. if water flow is good, moderate fat, high dissolved oxygen can be more set lobster traps,otherwise less.
   3. lobster the aqueous layer traps set
   lobster set the depth of traps, generally not more than 3 meters, because the distribution of plankton, within 2 meters of the water layer accounted for 58.7%, and 41.3 m 2 -4.2%, in particular transparency, a small body of water, the most abundant phytoplankton, the zooplankton less than 1 meter deep water layer is less than 1-2 m water layer, particularly in the 2-3 meters maximum density. therefore, where the water quality fertilizer, phytoplankton-rich waters, lobster traps should be set in the shallow water layer, but lobster traps from the bottom end should be more than 0.5 meters. in the water is thin waters, mainly lobster or cultured bighead traps, the discretion to set a little water in the deeper layers, but not too deep.
three, lobster traps choice of location     
   lobster traps fish rely on external water tank swap body, keeping lobster traps has a good ecological environment, and therefore, lobster place traps set environmental conditions good or bad, with lobster traps or-break.
set lobster traps locations should have the following conditions: ① broad surface, the water level stable, sunny leeward, high water temperature, depth 3-7 m, quiet, clean water, clean, neutral to slightly alkaline ph value of water as well; ② choose from water or tidal bodies of water. the flow speed is generally preferably 0.05 -0.2 m / s, in order to ensure the supply of oxygen. water too fast, often makes the top stream fish swimming inside, physical exertion, affecting growth; ③ to raise carp, bighead carp dominated lobster traps, water quality should be selected fertile, rich in plankton (phytoplankton per liter of water is generally the amount of 2 million or more, including zooplankton 3000 above fertilizer), transparency 30-50 cm, fewer impurities in water containing sediment waters. water turbidity, is not conducive to the growth of plankton.

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