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But salinity should pay particular attention , generally not less than 26 aquaculture water salinity

Data:2013/11/11 3:17:53

The look and smell of sea cucumber The shape dignified look thick, while those who skew deflated song of corruption caused due to insufficient fresh , pure black and gray sea cucumber , thorn Jianting complete , uniform size, no sand belly , belly, feet clear reference careful , the Senate body surface without impurities, enough to dry. Smell no odor of corruption , only fresh delicious seafood . Question of the sea cucumber origin, sea cucumber to Japan, Korea , China Shandong coastal as well, Sea Cucumber is more from the South China Sea or Indonesia, Australia . The hand cut weigh reference body hard, the light weight , level off Dongliao reference 1 about 30 to 40 years , some 50 to 60 times head dry enough , water content less than 15% . Easy snapping inferior heavier sea cucumber . Nothing to do with vinegar Even after a thorough cleaning, the mouth of the sea cucumber is still astringent taste , traditional Chinese people in order to get rid of these shares astringency , often adding some vinegar in the cooking . It will be wrong, though astringency go , however, the sea cucumber has to destroy collagen , tightening up the meat , taste greatly decreased, the sea off the non- participation of vinegar under one roof, in order to avoid throwaway. You can now soaked with a transparent sea cucumber carbonated after steam flooding for 20 minutes, then boiled with ginger and wine , you can go astringency. For an idea that is another world . Company developed a large deep ( outside ) the sea since balance can be ups and downs for Ecological farming cages has obtained national invention patents 5 , utility model patents, seven , six declared admissible patent , utility model patents 10 . And the company is the only one independent research and development, have complete independent intellectual property rights of large deep ( outside ) the sea since the balance can be ups and downs for Ecological farming cage technology and technology enterprises. Sea cucumber farming methods ( 1 ) Temperature Method: Currently, the most economical temperature control methods are: ① summer with kelp nursery for cooling water discharge temperature , abalone seed winter heating water discharge temperature ; ② the use of low-temperature tunnel cool Features adjustable water temperature, maximum temperature 21 degrees Celsius in the summer around 7 degrees Celsius in winter minimum temperature -8 degrees Celsius ; ③ seawater deep wells : the well water temperature , usually 12 degrees -13 degrees Celsius in winter , in summer 15 degrees -16 degrees Celsius, is sea cucumber aquaculture suitable temperature .

But salinity should pay particular attention , generally not less than 26 aquaculture water salinity , temperature control factory farming method with artificial technology continues to improve , improve economic efficiency , the use of full-controlled constant temperature and breeding method, and it is not impossible the . ( 2 ) pond construction : To reduce the scale of farming room , full use of space and reduce energy consumption , reduce farming costs , and can be built in the interior layers ( 3-5 layers ) stereo pond , ponds cement brick structure or framework available plastic tanks , ponds specifications for the 200 cm * 80 cm * 40 cm , 50-60 cm layer spacing , breeding medium , each block has a pond with a 2-3 hole plastic wave plate divides the upper and lower layer . ( 3 ) stocking seed : seed stocking size , according to the specific local circumstances, generally not less than 2 cm in length , preferably 3-5 cm . Stocking density of seedlings 3-5 cm in length , single stocking 40-50 head / m 2 , double stocking 80 - 90 / m 2 is appropriate. Seed should be put into the pool hanging cages in ( 20 mesh ) breeding, when cultured for 2-3 months after dropping the cage can be moved directly tanks ginseng seedlings , seed should be disinfected before stocking , generally available 5 * 10-6-10 * 10-6 (5-10ppm) nitrofurazone medicated bath. ( 4 ) the daily management of a ) water management : tests showed ( Table 1-41 ) , sea cucumbers optimum growth temperature is 10 degrees -17 degrees C , the optimum growth temperature of 10 degrees -11 degrees Celsius. Aquaculture water temperature , the control according to the specific conditions at the optimum range. During the breeding water cultivation, in order to save energy , reduce costs, water can be top-down layer by layer from the top recycling, daily water exchange is appropriate for the 3-8 range . 2 ) feeding : feeding with artificial bait , daily morning and evening each time, the amount of feeding varies according to temperature conditions , generally 1% of body weight - 10% range. 3 ) Qingchi and inverted pools: In order to maintain pool water quality, should be timely and inverted Qingchi pool , usually once a day Qingchi with siphon clear feces and bait tanks . Pour pool is an effective way to improve water quality , general 10-15 days once , should the water accident , you should promptly fell tank treatment . 4 ) disease control : So far , the sea cucumber aquaculture during the occurrence of disease is not serious, and once the disease can be controlled , however can not be taken lightly. Generally prone to disease , one fierce Daphnia harm, available 2 * 10-6-5 * 10-6 (2 - 3ppm) trichlorfon kill ; Second, skin ulceration, mainly in the high water temperature ( > 10 degrees Celsius ) , prone to be medication 3 * 10-6-5 * 10-6 (3 - 5 ppm) nitrofurazone or oxytetracycline 10 * 10-6-15 * 10-6 (10 - 15 ppm) medicated bath. Technology to develop deep-sea lobster traps farming Haicheng , reducing pressure on the environment , the protection of marine aquaculture species structure adjustment has important significance.

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