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The advantage of deep-sea cage 1 expand farming area

Data:2013/11/11 3:18:43

Deep-sea cage aquaculture is in relatively deep waters ( usually sea depths greater than 20m) used in breeding cages , over the past decade the rapid development of farming equipment . It uses computers, new materials , pneumatic, anti-corrosion, anti-fouling ( attachments ) , UV ( anti-aging ) and other high-tech , even in very harsh sea conditions , but also to maintain the structural system and its breeding cage fish unharmed. Currently the relevant state departments to develop a limited offshore lobster traps, deep-sea farming policy support to encourage the implementation of the policy of expanding farming area , reducing pressure on the environment , the protection of marine aquaculture species structure adjustment , promoting scientific farming has deep significance . Past two decades, as the representative of a large Norwegian deep-sea lobster traps all over the world to get quick and sustainable development , and achieved remarkable results , is considered as the most successful example of marine aquaculture . In addition , Chile, Scotland, Canada, Greece , Turkey, Spain , Austria and other countries also won the Australian great success. The advantage of deep-sea cage 1 expand farming area , reducing pressure on the environment . Under normal circumstances , -10 ~-200m deep waters are suitable for lobster traps, help to change the current coastal shallow and too dense inner bay aquaculture , environmental degradation status quo. (2) to improve farming conditions , improve fish quality . Cages stable internal environment , a large body of water , closer to nature ; fish wide range of activities , high survival rate , fast growth, fish small, easy to rehabilitation ; natural food and more, with less bait ; farmed fish shape , fleshy close to wild . 3 expansion of aquaculture capacity , improve production efficiency. A perimeter of 50m PE cages, can produce fish 20t, only one man . 4 high technology, management more standardized . Sea cages equipped with automatic feeding , automatic grading fish collectors , Fry automatic counting, automatic collection of dead fish and other automated facilities and the use of vaccines for the prevention and management more standardized .

5 breeding management automation , with the computer integration and automatic control technology application and development of cage aquaculture management automation technology has been rapid , even completely without manual operation . 6 use of systems engineering approach more attention to environmental protection, research in the cage , began using systems engineering methods to cages and their environment as a system , in combination with computer simulation technology for simulation , integrated environmental philosophy minimize lobster traps pollution and impact on the environment , in order to achieve sustainable development model , to achieve coordinated development of both . Temperature requirements for sea cucumber is very high, so try to maintain a good temperature control , spring and winter temperature is not too low, not too high summer temperatures , or likely to cause the death of sea cucumber ! 'll Tell you about below sea cucumber aquaculture should be noted: During this period an important factor is the change in air and water temperatures from the cold winter temperature of gradual recovery , but the recovery rate of air and water temperatures are different , the temperature rose fast, slow temperature rise , there is hysteresis. Temperature exceeds temperature , so breeding pool of water in the upper and bottom to form a water temperature difference , the formation temperature stratification. After measurement , 1 m to 3 m of water depth temperature difference of 1 degree to 2 degrees . High water temperature of the water density, specific gravity , leading to the upper water has been in the upper and bottom of the water can not pass up and down convection exchange , the results of the bottom water sea cucumber survival became " stagnant " , leading to the upper water sufficient dissolved oxygen can not be transported through the water to the bottom of the vertical convection .

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