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When used directly to make a good cage hanging of the frame

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Plus, at the bottom of the sea cucumber activity , metabolism and decomposition of organic matter consumes a lot of oxygen, but the lack of timely complementary , resulting in the underlying area became hypoxic zones, and even anaerobic zone. After testing , during which many of dissolved oxygen in the bottom water 3 mg / liter. At low oxygen or anaerobic conditions , sea cucumber decreased metabolism , circulatory , nervous, digestive , respiratory and other systems function is blocked , stress tolerance and disease resistance weakened . At the same time , anaerobic bacteria then multiply and become anaerobic decomposition of organic matter to produce highly toxic elements ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances , further exacerbating the adverse effects of sea cucumber . Due to deterioration of water quality , sea cucumbers physical weakness, would take advantage of a variety of bacteria and other pathogens , causing sea cucumber disease. To prevent this from happening , to keep the maximum increase the participation of the actual pool of water exchange capacity , to seize as much as possible when the tide is raising participation pool to inject new water to minimize the temperature difference between day and night , when the water temperature rises to extend water time abalone is very high nutritional value , then the following 'll tell you about the nutritional value of abalone in the end what : A , abalone nutritional value : Rich in copper, copper is essential to human health micronutrients , for the blood , central nervous system and the immune system, hair, skin and bone tissue as well as brain and liver, heart and other organs of the development and function have a major impact . Rich in calcium, calcium is the basic raw material for bone development , directly affect the height , adjust the activity of enzymes involved in nerve and muscle activity and neurotransmitter release , regulate hormone secretion , regulate heart rate, reduce cardiovascular permeability, control inflammation and edema , maintain acid-base balance. Rich in cholesterol , maintain cell stability , increased flexibility of the vessel wall . Maintain normal sexual function, increase immunity . Rich in protein, potassium and sodium have to maintain balance, eliminate edema. Improve immunity.

Tone hypotension, anemia buffer , is conducive to growth and development. Second, the crowd: Suitable dizziness, weakness, easy fatigue, tinnitus , vertigo, skin, mucous membranes , and nails pale , feeling short of breath after physical activity , osteoporosis, palpitation of the crowd. Suitable for anorexia , the partial eclipse , difficulty falling asleep , easily awakened , colds , sparse hair , mental retardation , toddlers , teething teething late or irregular, intermittent abdominal pain, diarrhea , X or O- type legs , chicken breast in children . Suitable cramps , fatigue, joint pain , dizziness , anemia and prenatal hypertension, edema, and milk secretion of pregnant women and lactating women. Suitable bone pain, loose teeth, loss , kyphosis, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal ulcers dreams, insomnia , restlessness, irritability older. Suitable weight loss, low immunity , memory loss , anemia , edema and other symptoms of the crowd. If you have these symptoms abalone may wish to try it ! lobster traps to most people welcome the most recent years , it has a stocking density, high survival rate , fast growth, short breeding cycle , and less investment , economic advantages. Cage then is how to make it , and now we come specifically to find out. 1 . Cage design Design cage , the cage should be the shape , depth , size and mesh size and other considerations . ( 1 ) In addition to the feeding cage cage shape remains square outside , taking into account savings mesh material, the shape of the current national multi cage circular, polygonal direction. ( 2 ) large cages cage area because water exchange uneven , prone to breaking the net and other reasons, most parts of China now use more medium and small cages. ( 3 ) Taking into account the depth of sunlight penetration cage capacity , currents, waves , fish activity , etc., cages to 2 meters depth is generally appropriate. Fish cages used for depth , the reservoir is 2 to 4 meters , the lake is 2 to 3 meters. ( 4) The mesh size of the mesh size determined , the following relationship can refer . a = 0.13L where: a is the length of the foot mesh ; L is the length of farmed fish If farming were 5.5 cm length , 10 cm silver carp and bighead carp fry , in accordance with the above formula , a difference of 0.715 cm , 1.3 cm , mesh should be 1.43 cm and a maximum of 2.6 cm . Accordingly , mesh size and other fish species full-length relationship is: grass carp , a = 0.105L; carp , a = 0.13L; bream , a = 0.20L; Tilapia , a = 0.16L . 2 . Should first be made according to the required cage mesh size, select the network cable . As of 1 cm mesh , mesh wire should be 2 × 2 shares ; mesh of 1.5 to 2.0 cm , network cable 2 × 3 shares ; mesh size of 2.5 to 3.5 cm , network cable is 3 × 3 shares. Depending on the design and size of the cage , self knitting a length and width of the mesh . If the required cage is 6 m × 6 m × 3 m , plaited mesh stretching after a good length and width should be 6 m and 3 m . Mesh error requirement does not exceed ± 0.1 centimeters. Condensing the horizontal mesh a coefficient of 0.5 to 0.6 , the vertical direction is 0.7 to 0.8. Finally with a diameter of 3 to 6 mm polyethylene rope mesh by mesh to solid socket and set aside a certain length in the four corners of the rope to make complete ring for fixing cages or hanging weights . Gang polyethylene wire rope wear their path and then fastened by eye , killed the . After making a good cage , if the floating cages need to produce framework to hang cages. Use four frames made of bamboo or logs chimeric , and then punch each side of the frame with bamboo or wooden inserted into the corner of the carton . Small cages four corners there are four corner of the carton is enough support and the whole suspension cages, cages such as the side length of more than three meters above must also add support box corners .

When used directly to make a good cage hanging of the frame , and with a heavy object to sink into waters that have been selected , you can. For stationary underwater piling cages need for fixation. Piling , should play an every 3 m piles, such as a 6 m × 6 m cages need to play eight piles, each pile and the soil should hit 80 to 100 cm . Finally, the processed cage mounting up, can be farmed . lobster traps with breeding cycle is short , high survival rate , the effect is fast , effective, and easy operation , then the lobster traps what issues need attention too , with everyone today to explore . 1 , pay attention to the cage intact, not broken , avoid walking fish, especially raising over Scylla and kept a turtle pond , but also to prevent the turtle and crab climb the cage rotten , once found , you can use shredded sticky nets, placed 2 meters away from the cages around the outside , so if there turtle or a crab thought into the network boxes, shredded sticky net can put turtle or crab caught. 2 , the cage in the water a long time , the president moss, which led to poor water clear , this can often range with potassium permanganate splashed water diversion in cages scattered 20 minutes , so that both can also clear the cage moss disinfection can play a role . 3 , often graded : in the breeding process , the size of the fish will appear , in order to avoid the impact between the size , according to the fish situation should be promptly separated when the grading clear net cages to check whether there is holes . Once the holes, we must promptly make good or replace cages. In winter, do not forget the fish hanging lobster traps water temperature requirements. 4, through attempts to raise confidence . Australia bamboo shell fish with lobster traps is a good way of farming , the company has adopted various farming methods , methods, after several batches of different sizes for breeding fish are summed over experience for aquaculture reference. 5, frequent Xuntang dynamic observation pond fish a day early , middle and late Xuntang dawn phenomenon observed fish without floating head , floating head to what extent ; daytime feeding and measuring the water temperature can be combined with other work , check the fish activities and feeding situation . In the hot season , when the sudden change in weather , prone to serious fish floating head , but also in the middle of the night after Xuntang serious floating head and put a stop to prevent the flood pool . 6 , weeding decontamination, keep the water clean and pond sanitation, timely controlling diseases. c. grasp pond water injection to maintain the appropriate amount of water , waterlogging and drought , to prevent the escape of fish depending on the circumstances , 10_15 day water once, to supplement the evaporation consumption, so there are plenty of fish a comfortable space and a good living environment. 7 , according to the day, water temperature , season, water quality, fish growth and feeding , to determine the amount of feeding , prevention work in a timely manner . 8, the rational use of aerators , feeding machines and other fishing machinery , improve maintenance and electricity. 9 , the water should have sufficient water , good water quality, suitable temperature, spacious water surface ; 10 , work earnestly prevent and cure diseases , and implementing the "sick early prevention , disease prevention first , prevention is more important than treatment " principle.

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