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Canada Fisheries reports that lobster fishing traps endanger whales



Recently, a report on the comparison of the United States, Canada and Fisheries noted that the American lobster fishers (especially in the Gulf of Maine who engaged in fishing operations) should reduce the number of traps, while reducing the number of days of fishing to protect endangered North Atlantic areas the right whale. The report is published in the journal Biological very popular. Report that this change will reduce the number of whales ridge United States, but millions of American lobster industry, has little effect.

     BorisWorm, Halifax, Canada biologist, also a famous scholar. He pointed out that the Canadian lobster fishers in the Gulf shortage of fishery resources fishing season seldom set traps, but also can gain a lot of lobster. And this comment was to president of the American Association of Maine lobster headed doubt, but Worm insisted that American fishermen will benefit from this restriction system.

     Worm says, in fact, reduce the number of traps can reach a win-win situation, on the one hand, emphasis on reducing the number of traps did not significantly reduce the number of lobster fishing; on the other hand, when considering the management of fisheries in this area when doing so is to save others on the verge of the best way to fish extinction. Data show that 75 percent of whales obviously due to the impact of lobster fishing device while being obstacles

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