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lobster traps fishing class technical principles and origins


lobster traps type of fishing gear is fixed fishing gear set in the waters to intercept the object inducing fishing, it was caught in a fishing tackle catches. This allows the fish to enter the fishing gear in order to return the fish to escape, but very difficult. Such lobster traps catch gear mechanism, based on blocking, induction, partitions, traps and other factors, on the shore near the coast or migratory spawning, feeding and other fish, blocking its fishway, by inducing it into a rather captured in one fell swoop.

lobster traps type of fishing gear is a simple, passive fishing gear, lobster traps fishing is an ancient method of fishing. In ancient times, due to the fluctuation caused tidal river and lake water level rise and fall, so those fish are obstacles constituted by stones and sticks to intercept live. So then humans will know the fish rushed to the place of these obstacles, you can catch more fish. In addition, also found that when the fish are more familiar with the obstacle easily escape, so these people will want to be able to go fishing in the waters of the obstacle to another. However, to move such natural obstacles or obstructions like structure is more difficult. Since stone that constitute obstacles relatively heavy, the new similar stones are hard to find, so fishermen can try to use some relatively light, something easy to get to production, such as tree branches, shrubs and some vines. Gradually, people with shrubs and networks created by rattan lighter and easier to move lobster traps, making them more easily to a new fishing waters. Also, try to lakes, rivers and coastal waters produce bigger, more complex bar-style trap fishing activities.

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