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How to Lay a lobster traps


1Place your lobster bait inside a bait bag and tie the bag inside the kitchen of the trap. The kitchen is the first room in the trap and it is where lobsters feed when they enter the trap.

2Set sail in your boat and determine a good location to set your lobster trap. Lobsters like to hide in rocky areas, so find an area that has cliffs or large rocks in the water that provide shelter for these crustaceans.

3Tie a very long rope to the trap that is long enough to allow the trap to sit on the bottom of the ocean floor. The trap must be on the floor of the ocean in order for the lobsters to enter it. Make sure a colored buoy is attached to the other end of the line so you know where to return to check your trap.

4Leave the trap in the water overnight and return the next day to see if you have successfully caught any lobster.

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