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How to effectively use lobster traps catch lobster


Placement of the lobster traps

Try to place lobster traps near rock piles, drop offs, breakwaters and other places lobsters like to hide. Lobsters have many predators, and they prefer to hide in the crevices. Place your lobster traps at different depths, anywhere from 15 to 75 feet down. The lobster traps are tied to a rope attached to a buoy. If you're going to leave your trap for awhile, make sure you leave enough slack in the rope to account for the current and changing of the tides. Otherwise you may come back and find your buoy underwater.

Best Times for Lobster Trapping

Lobsters are mostly active at night, but when the water is murky, they may be active during daylight hours. You will have the best luck if you set out your lobster traps during daylight hours, then return for them the next morning. Since hoop traps need to be checked often, you will need to be out on the water at night. Make sure you have the required lights on your boat.

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