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types of fishing gear lobster traps class presentation


types of fishing gear, a lot of lobster traps class, size disparity, the practices are very different. In the kind of Chinese marine lobster traps class fishing gear, mainly in the interpolation network-based, coastal areas are mainly interception swim with the tide to fish, shrimp, to be captured at low tide, the main catch small fish, shrimp, crabs bycatch species of fish, shrimp larvae, breed protection of fishery resources unfavorable development should be restricted. Building a network type of fishing gear, laying on the inshore fish migration channels, the trend of the network by its transverse wall, guide fish into nets circle, and finally to take the fish department. Net wall length of 500m or more, and to catch a fish, and high economic returns, as a trap type of fishing gear in the form of more advanced operations. However, due to the complex structure of large-scale fishing gear, fishing while the more stringent requirements of environmental conditions, the need for a barrier island or headland, less susceptible to large waves invasion, flat seabed without obstacles, bottom sediment, the trend in the past reflow-based, flow rate of not more than 2kn. At present mainly in the Liaodong Peninsula and Shandong Peninsula, while the number of nets is not much future development may be appropriate in areas where conditions permit. Most type of fishing gear foil Quan distributed in inland waters, its laying different locations and gear structure, which is the majority of fishermen in the production practice based on the characteristics of each body of water, and living habits of various fish and creation. From the recent developments in analysis, this fishing gear can still continue to develop, but the catch of juveniles should be taken to relax the foil seam, using large mesh Fish Department and other measures taken to protect fishery resources so that long-term use of offshore fishing available.

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