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Meaning of installing fence mesh

Data:2021/9/27 16:42:44

Meaning of installing fence mesh:
1. It helps to reduce the occurrence of single vehicle accidents
In recent years, there are more and more single vehicle accidents caused by fatigue driving, alcoholism, drugs and other reasons. The roadside fence mesh with reasonable length, position and structure can timely prevent vehicles from rushing out of the road, avoid and reduce personal injury and vehicle and property losses.
2. It is equivalent to indirectly reducing the number of roadside obstacles
Although fence mesh has the function of protecting roadside obstacles, it is also an obstacle. Only through reasonable design can it reduce its negative effect and develop its strengths and avoid its weaknesses, which is equivalent to indirectly reducing the number of roadside obstacles in traditional design methods.
3. It helps to reduce the psychological burden of drivers
The roadside fence mesh can induce the line of sight. A reasonably set roadside fence mesh can alleviate the driver's visual fatigue, eliminate the driver's tension when driving in some dangerous sections, make them control the vehicle more calmly and reduce the probability of traffic accidents.
4. It helps to save project investment
Banning unnecessary roadside fence mesh can not only save project investment during the project construction period, but also reduce the workload of fence mesh maintenance and repair in the future. Moreover, this part of the saved funds can be used to improve the quality or maintenance and repair of fence mesh in other places, which has strong economy.

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