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Different environments have different requirements for temporary fence

Data:2021/11/12 17:34:58

During the construction of the construction site, because there are many dangerous environments in the construction, most construction sites will choose to install temporary fence. Temporary fence is generally used in the edge environment, such as pit, ditch, groove edge, foundation pit periphery and floor weekly, etc. There is a risk of falling in these edge environments, so it is necessary to set up solid and feasible safety protection facilities. Different edge environments need to set up different safety protection facilities. These facilities are usually temporary fence.
Temporary fence can only be installed during site construction. The installation steps are simple and clear. It needs to be removed after use for reuse.
Temporary fence is widely used, and there are different requirements for temporary fence in different environments:
1. Temporary fence must be installed at the stairway entrance and stair section edge of sectional construction, and the temporary fence shall be installed at the top stairway entrance along with the progress of engineering structure. Safety handrails shall be set at the side of the stairway.
2. Temporary fence also needs to be installed in vertical transportation equipment, such as derrick, construction elevator, both sides of building connecting channel, etc. When used in these occasions, the lower part of the temporary fence needs to be provided with a toe board. The top of the passage on the ground also needs to be provided with a safety protection shed. The left and right parts in the middle of the double cage derrick channel shall be separated and closed.
3. Temporary fence must be installed around the foundation pit, balconies and material platforms for installing railings and breast boards, around various platforms, awnings and cornices, around roofs and floors of outdoor scaffolds, around water tanks and water towers.

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