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How to make lobster traps

Data:2013/7/7 21:01:11


  1. Purchase a wire mesh roll. You can visit our website for details and buy it here.
  2. Decide on the dimensions of the lobster trap. A good size is 12 inches high by 15 inches wide by 45 inches long.
  3. Measure four 12 inch high by 15 inch wide by 45 inch long pieces of the wire mesh. Cut them using a wire cutter. One piece will be for the base, another one for the top, and the remaining two for the sides.
  4. Connect the four wire mesh pieces together by using twisting metal wires. These are similar to the ones that you find with sandwich bags. You simply twist them several times around the mesh. Make sure to use gloves or wire cutters so as not to cut yourself.
  5. Make a hole at the top of the trap. This will serve as the top door of the trap. Reattach the cut pieces with a nylon cord so that the door can still be closed when a lobster was already trapped.
  6. Create a weight for the lobster trap. Take the brick and bend the wire mesh around it to make a cage and then put it inside the lobster trap. Attach it at the center of the base of the trap using the metal twist ties.
  7. Roll the chicken wire to create a funnel. The hole made by the chicken wire funnel should be big enough for the lobster to pass through.
  8. Attach the chicken wire funnel to the lobster trap using the metal twist ties. Cut a hole at the side of the lobster trap. This is where you are going to attach the chicken wire funnel.
  9. Put the bait inside the lobster trap. The bait can be a piece of meat such as fish or chicken. There are also artificial baits that are sprayed with a chemical that make it attractive to lobsters, and can be purchased at a fishing store. Put the bait inside a small net bag and position it at the center of the lobster trap.
  10. Tie a rope at the center of the lobster trap. This will be used to haul the lobster trap up from the water.

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