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Reasonable feeding lobster traps are omnivorous fish in the breeding process

Data:2013/9/17 1:06:22

    lobster traps farming techniques lobster traps farming lobster traps with simple equipment , high yield , easy to manage , easy to catch , significant economic benefits , etc., is a worthy and practical farming techniques. Now lobster traps farmed lobster traps technical description is as follows: First, the site selection breeding sites should be selected sheltered sunny lakes, reservoirs or running water at the edge of the shallow pond , the water quality is good , and no industrial pollution . Two , lobster traps set specifications vary lobster traps , a small area of 1-2m2, large for 20 --- 40m2, generally 10 - 20m2 appropriate. Cabinet is made of polyethylene woven mesh , mesh 0.5-1.ocm, high apparent farming water network dependent , but the upper half of lobster traps to be more than 40cm above the water , to prevent the escape of lobster traps , bottom to the mud , the bottom covered with 20cm thick manure , soil , the top of the soil . Third, the loach loach species species stocked lobster traps should be based on water body stocking conditions, fertilizer , water activity can take more, or less put , generally 5 to 6cm per m2 stocking loach species 900 - 1200 . Four , feeding and management lobster traps farming lobster traps dominated by artificial feeding should be set within a 2m2 lobster traps the food table , food table at the bottom 20-25cm, bait cast will be fed in the food table . Artificial feeding can be fed bran , chrysalis, earthworms feed or slug made of artificial hard pellets. Artificial feed animal protein should account for 50 % or more. Feeding amount of lobster traps at 3% body weight - 5% , early, middle and late three feeding. Five , the daily management usually should wash scrub netting to keep lobster traps inside and outside the body of water permeability, and make enough food organisms into the box , but should always check the netting , if vulnerabilities patched immediately . Moreover, you should prevent pesticides , fertilizers and other pollution and predators biological attack . Six , disease control usually fish diseases prevention and control work to do , feeding should adhere to the " four" principles , the timely removal of the food table bait regularly splashed with lime or bleaching powder Bag .

    Bleach Bag Method: Layer modi white gauze wrapped around at the food table , sub- Bag 2 - 3 only, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of disease . lobster traps is a higher nutritional value of fish , by the people of all ages, the market prospect. lobster traps less stringent requirements on water quality , ponds , rice fields, ditches and ponds can be breeding farms in rural areas have a broad space for development, is an effective way to get rich farmers . A pond conditions : water pond to be close to regularly add water area is generally 200 to 400 square meters is appropriate, not too large, the maximum area not exceeding 1 acre . Depth of 40 to 50 cm can be, neutral slightly acidic water quality requirements . Flat mud bottom to fewer pool ridge to tamp hard to prevent lobster traps drill holes flight. To facilitate the capture, in the vicinity of the outfall dug a 6-8 fish aggregating one meter square pit . Pond best mixed with lime and bleaching powder clear pond disinfection, general water depth of 10 cm, 50 kg of lime per acre plus bleach 15 kg water soluble Quanchiposa . Second, fry stocking : a pond loach , generally put loach species per square meter of water 40 to 50 , loach species requirements specifications and tidy , the size of the gap is not too large , so big eat the small mahi mahi . Seed size of 3 to 4 cm is appropriate. Loach species xiatangji use of malachite green 8 mg / kg Soak 5 minutes , to prevent fungus occurs . Third, the feeding and management : 1, Shizujifei : lobster traps more complex feeding habits , water , small animals , plants, micro-organisms and organic debris are its food. Seed xiatangji before Shizujifei ( livestock, poultry manure can be ) , in order to breed food organisms . General organic fertilizer applied per square meter 10 to 15 kg . 2 , feeding method : farmed lobster traps, but also fed some commercial feed , such as rice bran , soybean meal , soybean residue , wheat bran, wine ducts. Loach weight feeding amount is generally 4 % to 5% , when the temperature at 25 ~ 28 ℃ when , lobster traps feeding the most prosperous, may be appropriate to increase the amount of feeding and promote its growth. Feeding method should point set food units feeding, feeding time in the evening feeding is appropriate. 3 , the daily management : When the water temperature exceeds 30 ℃ , lobster traps most of the summer drill into the mud , could easily lead to hypoxia choked to death, this time to regularly add new water to adjust the water temperature and dissolved oxygen increases , but also measures taken to shade , with water hyacinth and duckweed and other aquatic plants shade .

    In addition, always Xuntang , identify problems and timely treatment courtyard lobster traps farmyard aquaculture farming technology uses lobster traps, has a small footprint , easy breeding, gains advantages, are friends of farmers to get rich new opportunities. General use of water 100 square meters -200 square meters, the annual output of lobster traps 200 -400 kg, the income of up to 800 yuan -2000 yuan , benefit encouraging. Select the location to build pools sunny leeward , water , reliable, clean, convenient place to build the pool management . Pool size can be adapted to local conditions , about one meter deep pool , pool depth of about 0.5 m . Fertilizer should be spread mud bottom 0.2 m -0.3 m for lobster traps drilling potential break wall with stones or bricks and cement plaster . lobster traps pool also built a dedicated inlet, in and out of the water at the barbed wire to be set against their escape, but also played a role in preventing wild fish entering . Stem cell method Qingchi disinfection One . Draining or pumping out water per square meter bottom disinfected with lime 0.11 kg , the day after to be sterilized irrigation ; Second, with water law , water with 0.22 kg per cubic meter of lime . Lime application method is: the entire pool hot lime slurry evenly sprinkle lime toxicity disappear until then put lobster traps. Stocking loach species bred or wild loach species can breed , loach species should be no injury , disease , physical health and lively. Place it before the stocking of 3% -4 % salt solution soak for about 8 minutes , appropriate stocking time in spring sunny day , stocking 3 cm -4 per square centimeter tail loach species 40 -50 , after 140 days -150 days of feeding , until lobster traps grow to 10 cm -15 cm long can be sold as a commodity loach . Reasonable feeding lobster traps are omnivorous fish in the breeding process , may be appropriate feeding palatable snail, earthworm , silkworm powder, animal offal, animal feed , can also be fed the right amount of soybean meal, distillers and young plants stems , seeds and other plant food . Day feeding accounted for the proportion of the overall volume of lobster traps are: March 1% in April -June was 4% in July -August was 10%, in September -October of 4%. Feeding should adhere to four fixed : location, pool table take the bait , the bait put in the bait table ; regular , every day around 9:00 feeding ; qualitative, food should be fresh, clean taste, no rotten moldy ; quantitatively to 2 hours to 3 hours after feeding eating appropriate, if there is leftover after three hours bait , lobster traps inflation is likely to be dead . The annual autumn and winter season , when the water temperature dropped to 8 ℃ , lobster traps enters hibernation , here should be kept 80 cm -90 cm water depth , around the pool put in the right amount of pig , cow dung and other organic fertilizer, so both can be fermented fertilizer warming , is conducive to safe winter lobster traps .

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