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If it is found dead of lobster traps shall promptly remove and prevent infecting other lobster traps

Data:2013/9/17 1:12:41

    Timely change the water in the breeding process water should always observe changes in water quality , general water quality in yellow or dark brown is appropriate. If you find lobster traps sprang the water , indicating that water too fat , water, oxygen, water should be let go of old , new water . Especially in hot weather or thunderstorms , but also to pay attention to ground new water injection timely oxygen. Conditional oxygen aerator can be installed to prevent death Loach . Disease prevention and control common diseases are fin rot fungus and disease . Available 10 mcg -15 mcg / ml antibiotic solution soak disease loach 10 minutes , or 1 mg / l bleach ( chlorine containing 25% -30% ) Quanchiposa . lobster traps common parasite worm wheel , cup worms, insects and other generations . These parasites parasites in the body can cause Loach seedlings lobster traps death experience appears diseased fish surface mucus , outliers travel alone , floating in the water, loss of appetite and other symptoms. At this point in time on sick fish mucus surface microscopy at low magnification visual fields about 50 cup wheels insects or worms , can be 0.7 mg / l copper sulfate Quanchiposa ; if only 3 - 5 Gyrodactylus the available 0.5 mg / liter crystal trichlorfon Quanchiposa . lobster traps farming techniques lobster traps are Cypriniformes , carp suborder , Cobitidae , lobster traps are . lobster traps for the high-protein , low- fat, high-grade aquatic nutrition to share its tender meat, meat is delicious , nutritious, known as " water ginseng ," said. lobster traps also has high medicinal value, and sweet, flat , with a " fill in, stopped the leaks " function.

    Therefore , lobster traps with high breeding value, is an excellent freshwater aquaculture object. Currently there is a form of aquaculture pond loach specifically raised , lobster traps breeding, rice farming and so on. Pond culture is the most common form. A , lobster traps main biological characteristics of lobster traps for small commercial fish are warm water fish , growth temperature is 15-30 , optimum temperature 22-28 , the water temperature is higher than 32 then drill into the mire, water temperature is below 7 dive mud hibernation. lobster traps can be used not only gills , skin and intestine can use to breathe , ability to adapt to the environment , hypoxia ability. Usually live in the water bottom , there is the habit of drilling mud , like a viscous neutral and slightly acidic soil . lobster traps is omnivorous fish. lobster traps generally two age of sexual maturity , spawning several times a year , spawning period from April to August , which is the peak spawning period of May-June , fertilized with weak viscosity. Second, fish cultivation cultivation through about 10 days , 5-6 mm to 1 cm fry fry , fingerlings will be used for cultivation . A pond conditions : the one acre or less, depth 50-60 cm pond as well, into the outlet to build Fangtao facilities. 10-15 days before Xiatang Loach seedlings per acre with 150 kg quicklime clear pond disinfection, one week after filling the new pond water, and applied amount of organic fertilizer cultivate food organisms . 2 , stocking density: Loach Miao Shi stocking densities of 2500-3000 ind / square meter. 3 , feeding : In addition to fertilizer xiatangji daily feeding soy milk, soy dosage of 8 g / square meter, in multiple feeding. Spill right amount every 2-3 days fermentation of organic fertilizer. 4 , Management : Periodic add new water to prevent hypoxia Floating . Third, the loach species breed lobster traps 1 centimeter a month or so after fry cultivation, about 3 cm body length reached the production stage for the loach species cultivation period . Loach species breeding ponds area slightly larger than the pond loach seedling cultivation , cultivating species of lobster traps on the operation and fry cultivation stage basically the same. A stocking density of 1,000 / sq m, requirements specifications uniform size. 2 , feeding bait species are fish meal, silkworm chrysalis , animal offal, meal and a variety of other artificial feed , feeding on fish accounted for 2-5% of body weight , in multiple feeding, each feeding a 1 - preferably within 2 hours eaten . Fourth, loach breeding pond into a breeding conditions : lobster traps Although adaptable to the environment , but in the case of high- density culture , environmental conditions on the choice of loach pool is still important .

     Plenty of water , fresh water , no pollution, into the drainage convenient, it is best to do gravity from the row . Adequate light, neutral or slightly acidic soil is clayey soil better. 200-300 square meters with a rectangular pool area was good, pool depth 90-110 cm , depth of 50-60 cm . 15-20 cm thick mud . 2 , Loach choices : lobster traps ( also known as true lobster traps), large scale lobster traps on environmental adaptability , fast growth , fresh meat , high nutritional value , it is more appropriate farming objects. Thus, the best choice for both farmers varieties breeding objects. 3 , loach species stocking : stocking per square meter of surface loach species generally 40-50 tail. Loach in the copper sulfate 8PPM prior to stocking or 4-5 % salt water disinfection , water temperature 10-15 , the dip for 20-30 minutes. 4 , stocking preparation: In the loach species before stocking , according to conventional pharmaceutical operations pond clear pond disinfection, fish medicines immersion disinfection , water , fertilizer xiatangji Shizujifei do . 5 , feeding . Water temperature at 16-20 , the cast sigh plant -based diet ( 60-70 % ) water temperature 21-23 ; when animal feed 50-50 ; temperature 24-28 timely dominated by animal feed ( 60-70 % ) . Fed once daily beginning the evening , after the domestication of feeding two times during the day , feeding on the total weight of the fish is generally the amount of about 5% , and in accordance with high and low temperature , the weather changes and natural feed sources and other factors to adjust the feeding amount . Do timing, positioning , qualitative and quantitative . 6 , fertilization : based on water quality marbled timely fertilizer , generally dressing once every 30 days , watching the water fertilization. Yellow-green water is the best. Water transparency controlled at 15-20 cm . 7 , Management : To raise new water frequently to prevent hypoxia floating head , but to do Fangtao , anti predators work . 8 , disease prevention : lobster traps adaptable , as long as properly managed, to avoid mechanical damage Loach body , rarely sick. Usually should pay attention to prevention , should be regularly disinfected , grasp the " three consumer ", ie fish disinfection, disinfection of ponds , feed station disinfection.

    If it is found dead of lobster traps shall promptly remove and prevent infecting other lobster traps, and timely treatment. 9 , rice farming lobster traps Select acidic rainfall does not overflow the rice paddies, paddy water 40-50 cm above the ridge . Tanaka ditch fish , fish and fish slipped pit area of paddy field area of about 10%. Shizujifei appropriate dressing . Stocking time requirements "early planting, early stocking ." Size 3 cm 2-3 ten thousand acre stocked fry ; 6 cm around loach species , stocking 20,000 per acre . When natural food shortage , to feeding fish , organ meats , fish waste and other animal feed and rice bran , vegetables and other plant food . lobster traps farming techniques : "CCTV7 farmers world wide Genuine CD - lobster traps farming techniques ( new )" lobster traps is a small omnivorous freshwater fish , is the main export of aquatic products , with good economic value of the wild lobster traps resources can not meet a rising demand for artificial breeding to become the main channel of market supply the film introduces you to lobster traps farming techniques : lobster traps breeding site selection . "CCTV7 agricultural farming Genuine CD - lobster traps breeding technology " talked about the film : one , people who deal with lobster traps ; 2, lobster traps dealing with mystery ; 3, lobster traps bring seven-year itch . " Golden Shield Press Genuine CD - lobster traps high-yield farming " film presentation : 1, lobster traps living habits ; 2, lobster traps pool construction ; 3, lobster traps breeding ; 4 , loach species cultivation ; 5 adult lobster traps farming ; 6 , a common disease control ; 7, lobster traps fishing stored and transported . "

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