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Pond water is good or bad for the lobster traps growth and development is extremely important

Data:2013/9/17 1:15:01

    Aquaculture technology Genuine CD - earthen ponds fence farming lobster traps" 1, lobster traps pond alterations . Should be selected , abundant water, fresh water , into the drainage convenient place to build pool , or make use of existing fish pond. The area of each pond in five acres, depth requirement of 55 to 65 cm between the pool ridge height of 1 to 1.2 meters , top width of 1.5 meters , no leakage . Fangtao laying aside around the pond nets, Fangtao 60 cm deep underground , the earth erected 100 cm , on the network link, using bamboo support. Each of the four ponds with a motor-pumped wells , pumps with 5.5 kilowatts per hour, more than 80 cubic meters of water supply to achieve micro-water exchange , it will ensure the hot season cooling demand, but also to ensure the pool is not hypoxia. 2 , stocking lobster traps. 10 days before stocking , clearing of loach pool , remove excess silt, check Fangtao fence, loopholes , dredge into drains . Because lobster traps for neutral or slightly acidic environment in the growth, it is not clear pond with quicklime , the available concentration of 10 mg / kg of the bleach pond . Four days before stocking raise new water facilities in the sunny pool fermented chicken manure or dung as basal , 667 square meters from 100 to 150 kg . Each lobster traps stocking time based on the circumstances, usually in mid-June , lobster traps when a large number of listed acquisition or buy breeding fry stocking . lobster traps stocking with a concentration of 3% to 4 % of the salt water immersion sterilization 4 to 5 minutes . Different levels of stocking , stocking density: the loach ( not more than 90 per kg ) 667 m2 stocking 1,000 kg per small loach ( less than 300 per kg ) 667 m2 stocking 800 kg per pond stocked with lobster traps requirement specifications uniform , disease no injuries. 3 , water quality regulation. Pond water is good or bad for the lobster traps growth and development is extremely important. By casting organic fertilizer, adjust color is yellow-green , transparency is about 30 cm , pH neutral or slightly acidic to keep micro-flow .

    If the water is too thin , high transparency , should be appropriate topdressing fertilizer. Water temperature is maintained at 25 ~ 28 , when the water temperature exceeds the high limit raised immediately cool well water , keeping the water level at 50 to 60 cm . 4 , scientific feeding . Put lobster traps small seedlings 5 days after feeding , feed grain to feed mainly dedicated to gradually attractant , domesticated , when the lobster traps on the formation of a conditioned reflex when feeding to increase the amount of feeding , gradually increase the weight of three lobster traps % to 4%. lobster traps bulimia , like nocturnal foraging , can be changed through domestication Baitian She food. Feeding four times a day , the time is 6:00 , 11:00 , 14:00 pm , 18:00 , feeding amount of feeding , respectively, accounted for 30 %, 20 %, 15 %, 35% . 5 , the daily management . Mainly to strengthen Xuntang observe the activities of lobster traps , water quality changes , lobster traps feeding situation , facility operation , etc. , and make a record . Hot season to keep micro-water , new water every day , day exchange capacity of 10 % or more. Daily feeding time , to observe whether the lobster traps fled network , the check because voles chewing , careless operation resulting in Fangtao damaged . Often land -net fishing in the cage , according to the amount of fishing , generally determine the vulnerability location for manual inspection , repair . 6, lobster traps fishing , stored and transported . " Genuine books - lobster traps breeding technology " books , with the rural industrial structure adjustment , lobster traps aquaculture industry has developed rapidly, commodity lobster traps in the market place , and the expected enter the field of health food . This book focuses on the amendments to the biological characteristics of lobster traps , artificial propagation , seed cultivation, as loach breeding , disease control and other aspects were more additions and enrichment, introduced the recent emergence of domestic scientific, practical strong lobster traps breeding of new technologies . Readers from the book to get information about lobster traps produce useful knowledge and skills.

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