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developed by the country since HDPE lift deepwater lobster traps to succeed and put into mass production

Data:2013/9/17 2:17:49

    Pick To: This paper analyzes China's traditional offshore lobster traps to the deep anti-wave lobster farming traps farming history, and pointed out that China's traditional lobster traps breeding problems and the development of deep-sea lobster trapsnecessity of farming and deep-sea lobster for China traps aquaculture development path feasible and valuable suggestions. 1 deep-sea lobster at home and abroad traps Development Overview 1.1 Global Overview The initial lobster traps farming began in the mid-19th century, first appeared in Cambodia. Thirties of the last century, Japan began using lobster traps relaying storage aquatic products, the 1960s, expanding the lobster traps breeding range, the main breeding sea bream, yellowtail fish. In 1948, the former Soviet Union the use of lobster in a large lake traps raising techniques carp and achieved great success. Since then, the United States began to develop lobster fish traps, the main breeding trout, Carangidae fish. With the introduction of this technology by the Asia Europe, lobster traps farming has become a worldwide fishing industry. After the 1970s, the world began to try deep-sea lobster traps farming, the main representative of the country of Norway, the United States and Japan. The most successful of which Norway, Norway located in Northern Europe, with more than 20,000 kmcoastline and has many coastal islands, the Gulf countries, which for the development of lobster traps farming provides a good condition. Norway focuses on the development of large deep-water lobster traps, has been resolved, a large lobster trapsmanufacturing and farming techniques of a series of problems, mainly farmed Atlantic frog and a small butterfly, cod and so on.1982 annual production is only 10,000 tons, and by 1999 had reached 900,000 tons, with an average annual growth rate of 26percent, aquaculture industry has created another myth.

  Deep sea lobster traps aquaculture as an emerging industry in the country has just started, is in the initial stages of development. Since 1998, the state has increased the need for large deep-sea lobster tr aps systematic research efforts, now established "863" "deep anti-wave lobster traps the development of the "research project is almost complete, and has made a number of major scientific and technological achievements and patented technology. deepwater lobster country traps are all making to achieve localization, and the establishment of a number of large lobster traps breeding experiment and demonstration bases, lobster The number of traps from abroad have begun to develop over 10 to today's more than 2,000, and an annual rate of nearly 1 000 rapid development of deep-sea lobster traps the annual production of more than 30,000 tons aquaculture, marine fish farming industry has become in force can not be ignored. But in the deep sea lobster traps research and development process, but also there are still some technical problems and policy issues, hoping to get the attention of concerned. Our lobster traps fish farming began in the 1970s the nineties has made rapid development. Originally freshwater aquaculture, by 1980, Guangdong Huiyang, Zhuhai started mariculture. At present, China has all kinds of sea lobster Statistics traps a number of more than 700,000. Its marine aquaculture production in China accounted for more than half of total production of farmed fish.

    In 1998, China's Hainan for the first time from the introduction of full floating gravity Norway lobster traps, and has achieved initial success in breeding. This indicates that China embarked on the deep-sea lobster traps farming road. Followed by Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and other places have introduced the class lobster traps. In recent years, deep-water lobster trapscoastal aquaculture has developed rapidly in our country. Since 2001, China began to develop its own design HDPE floatinglobster traps. 2002, developed by the country since HDPE lift deepwater lobster traps to succeed and put into mass production. In2003, China has successfully developed four types of deep-water lobster traps successfully developed and acceptance through the Ministry of Agriculture and the provincial technical appraisal. According to statistics, by the end of 2004, China has four types ofdeep-water lobster traps the number has reached 200 300, The vast majority of high-tech type of lobster HDPE traps, aquaculture water over 2 000 000 m 3. These lobster traps are mainly distributed in the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and South China Sea.Not only that, now the country has lobster traps manufacturing enterprises have achieved commercial operation, and began their products exported to Southeast Asian countries.

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