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Hexagonal Netting - Galvanized After Weave ( GAW)

Chicken Wire Fence

Also known as chicken wire, this galvanized after weaving (GAW) hexagonal poultry netting fence will last for years. There may be minimum order requirements on these items.


23 gauge 1/2" hex mesh is a light weight small mesh ideal for bird cages for canaries and similar birds. It is also used in furniture projects

18 gauge wire is twice the weight and thickness of standard 20 gauge hex netting. These are special order items with minimum quantity requirements.

16 gauge 1" mesh is the extra heavy netting used in building Paddle Tennis courts. It also is an excellent conductor to be used on the ceilings of bumper car rides.


After being woven into 1/2", 1" or 1-1/2" mesh chicken wire netting, the fence is run through a bath of molten zinc. This double galvanizing thoroughly seals the wire against rust and corrosion, especially in the twisted areas which tend to hold moisture. GAW hex netting fence will long outlast conventional galvanized before weaving hexagonal chicken wire, reducing the frequency, inconvenience and high cost of replacement. It will withstand more abuse. Ideal for gardens, game bird pens - any application requiring a long lasting, strong, predator resistant fence.

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Tel: +86-318-7756166 7756996
Fax: +86-318-8556699
New Factory Add:800 meters from Northern of Qianpu Village,West Liangwa Town, Anping County, Hebei Province.
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