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lobster traps of the construction and equipment of many forms, the actual selection should not escape to fish

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    lobster fish traps in recent years developed a high-tech farming project, which is the use of mesh assembled into a certain shape of the box, set in a larger body of water, through the mesh for lobster traps inside and outside the water exchange, the lobster Fish traps to form a suitable living environment of flowing water, with high yield, high efficiency, high input characteristics.lobster fish traps has been able to obtain high yields, because: currents, waves and fish swimming in the tank inside the continuous exchange of external water body, take away the old water tank, change into a new high-capacity water and oxygen into the big water in natural food; while lobster limiting the fish traps activities and reduce energy consumption of fish, accelerating the growth of fish; lobster traps also reduce the harm to fish biological predators using lobster traps can be high-density culture or intensive commercial fish species. lobster Fish traps method has mobile, flexible, simple, high yield, wide adaptability waters, in our sea, freshwater aquaculture has a broad development prospects.
A, lobster characteristics and key fish traps
(A) lobster characteristics of fish traps
1. lobster Fish traps can take advantage of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other natural water bodies and fish bait development. Can cultivate fish, can also be cultured adult fish. Especially the lack of pond regions can be set using the large water lobster cultivate fish traps in situ, in situ breeding adult fish, to improve fish survival and yield a positive role.
2. lobster Fish traps can be intensive high-density, yield per unit area can be several times higher than the pond, a hundredfold. The reason is: lobster in fact, is the use of fish traps large water advantageous natural conditions, small water body close up comprehensive measures to achieve the high-yielding intensive. In the course of cultivation, lobster traps, the external water body constantly exchanged, taking lobster traps inside the fish fed diets of waste and residues, bringing oxygen and plankton, the lobster traps to maintain a high dissolved oxygen, and thus lobster fish traps inherent high-density case, we would not have oxygen and water quality deterioration, and to ensure that the lobster traps within the culture of silver carp, bighead carp continue to be required to supply food organisms. In addition, fish reared in lobster traps inside, but also avoid the dangers of biological predators, and timely detection of disease outbreaks, to ensure a higher survival rate and excellent recapture rate.
3. lobster fish traps with mobility, flexibility advantages, can invest in batches, and gradually develop. Since feeding and management convenience, the fishing is easy to set lobster traps body of water once the environment is not appropriate, the position can be moved at any time, it is also known nomadic fishing.
  (Two) lobster The key fish traps
  1. Choose natural food rich, sheltered sunny, flat bottom, all year round more than 5 meters depth, fresh water, no pollution, bearing fish area, without prejudice to the transportation and water conservancy facilities waters. Breeding silver carp, bighead carp lobster traps to choose water than fat waters.
2. More open water, water gently, with some water, but the flow rate of 0.2 m / sec or less locations lobster traps, preferably close to the villages nearby, easy to manage.
  3. Appropriate choice of lobster traps structures and installations methods. Including lobster traps shape, size, arrangement and at other boxes.
   4. Due to water system should determine the stocking of fish, size, density and polyculture ratio, in order to give full play to the water production potential.
   5. Really good job of feeding, Fangtao, disease prevention, anti-predators such as feeding and management, in particular to maintain the lobster traps wall for cleaning, to prevent clogging, affect water exchange.
Two, lobster traps of construction and equipment
   lobster traps of the construction and equipment of many forms, the actual selection should not escape to fish, durable, labor and material, to facilitate exchange of water, easy management principle.
(A) lobster structural traps
1. lobster traps constitute
By the cabinet, frame, float, sinker and fixed facilities and the like.
(1) Case: a certain size by a mesh stitched splicing. Currently the most common is polyethylene mesh, it has high strength, corrosion resistance, low temperature, and low price. Mesh processing technology, there are four: � hand knotted polyethylene twine mesh. Advantage is flexibility, and durability. Drawback is that there are nodules, easy bruising fish, materials and more, and poor treatment; � non-extension without nodules mesh. This process produces fast, material saving, cheaper, but the lateral tension is poor, easily damaged; � extends without nodules mesh. Its tensile strength, flexibility, light weight, compared with nodules of lobster traps and low cost 3/4; � polyethylene mesh warp. No section is smooth, not to hurt the fish, mesh through stereotypes no deviation, box soft, easy to suture, easy opening escape of fish, and low cost.
(2) Frame: yes cabinet with hanging bracket, common bamboo, wood, steel, plastic pipe and other materials. Fixed to the frame of the housing, can be kept open box, shape.
(3) Float: is the lobster traps floating on water use of the device. Common and hard blow molded foam float, or glass balls on the frame drum line for the float. Bamboo, wood frame of the support housing, but also plays a role in the float.
(4) sinker: is to make lobster traps submerged in the water bottom of the device. Generally used in ceramic sinker, can also be used stones, cement blocks, etc. Conditional available diameter 2-2. 5 cm of steel, both distraction bottom net, can be used when the sinker.
Also, with the anchor fixed lobster traps location, or concrete piles, stumps, bamboo piles supporting fixed lobster traps.

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