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Classification of different lobster traps



lobster traps fishing gear by job category can be divided into an interception and trapping guide

(A) intercept

  Intercept lobster traps are:

(1) impede fish activity lobster traps, including walls, dams, fences and the like.

(2) masking formula lobster traps (conventional traps), including shrubs trap.

(3) can be touched off fish and lobster traps, including the gravity trap (or box-shaped trap).

(4) from the water set lobster traps, for example, under the wave action or when threatened to jump off the water flying fish glide, these traps can be a box-shaped or raft-type bucket network is sometimes used to make fish jump any obvious trap surface can capture the land habitat of marine animals, such as crabs.


(B) trapping style guide

Guide trap style lobster traps are:

(1) tubular lobster traps, lobster traps is such a narrow channel or tube can be used to prevent the fish back out,

(2) The basket-style lobster traps, which is a full wraparound and has a structure is difficult to escape the trap, they include the

Trees, Gang cord or plastic, conical or drum-shaped trap netting by the band hoop and frame made ​​(like a drum-shaped network)

Trap similar boxes made ​​from sturdy frame, there are wall network devices.

(3) large open lobster traps, which trap part is provided with a mechanical device can prevent fish escape, they can be fixed with a pile or anchor, or floating operations, fish with guide means.

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