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Welded wire mesh is mainly used in construction engineering

Data:2022/9/9 16:47:39

The welded wire mesh can be made into a net, and the surface treatment of the net can adopt the dip molding or spray molding process. A protective film is formed on the surface of the welded wire mesh, which can effectively isolate the metal wire from the external water or other corrosive substances, and effectively increase the service time. The spray molding process can make the surface of the net present different colors, so that the net can achieve beautiful effects. The plastic impregnated net is usually used outdoors and linked with the column to protect against theft.
Welded wire mesh is mainly used in construction projects. It is a special network for floor heating in the construction industry with strong corrosion resistance, uniform mesh and strong overall performance. It has been widely used in many parts of China.
The construction of welded wire mesh is convenient and quality is guaranteed. Welded wire mesh is made in the factory according to the design drawings and is paved on site. Therefore, compared with the traditional on-site manual binding, it not only ensures the project quality, but also accelerates the construction progress and shortens the construction period.

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