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Such lobster traps can make the best, low cost, and relatively thick walls due to network

Data:2013/9/17 2:43:10

lobster The structure generally includes net traps body (netting), frames, anchors, floats, sinkers and holdfast (anchor, underwater pile) and so on. Some areas in order to prevent storm waves on the lobster traps attacks, also designed to be able to sink below the surface of the device, that lobster traps lift facilities. In addition, lobster bulk traps arranged in the near shore waters, but also for the lobster with traps fish floating piers and trestle operation and so on.
First, the structure and materials

   (A) netting; mesh jacket is a lobster build fish traps fish part in the choice of materials requires tough, strong, able to build and difficult to escape fish fish, but also ease of operation and low cost. lobster Fish traps the storage section usually consists of logs, bamboo, metal mesh or synthetic fiber materials.

   1 log or bamboo: Before the advent of synthetic fibers yet, most primitive type of lobster traps directly roundwood or bamboo (bamboo foil) to build a fish net body block fish. Such lobster traps can make the best, low cost, and relatively thick walls due to network, to prevent the invasion of predators. In the lobster traps constructed at the beginning of years, is unlikely to escape the fish accident occurred.Disadvantage is that lobster traps relatively bulky, inconvenient to carry, the service life is not too long. While in the plains of rivers, lakes also often lack the material, so now generally have not used.

   2. Metal fibers: Use metal mesh for mesh body material, made of lobster trapscrisp, treatment with good performance, and difficult for the predators attack damage. The most commonly used metal mesh, usually by wire plaited or made by direct rolling thin steel plates. Mesh with rectangular, diamond-and tortoiseshell type.Wire or metal mesh surface rust, can be galvanized or coated with anti-rust paint coatings. Metal mesh fastness and useful lives, generally only 1-2 years. And because of this lobster traps high cost, assembly and lifting transport are inconvenient, it has been eliminated.

   3. Synthetic Fiber: Synthetic production network itself is the main material.Fiber sources can be divided according to their chemical fiber and natural fiber into two categories, the latter such as linen, cotton and silk and so on. Natural fibers because strength is poor, easy to mold, decay, and the silk is expensive, fewer sources, it is now generally not used. Chemical fibers and synthetic fibers and synthetic fibers are divided into two categories. Commonly used in fisheries is a synthetic fiber. At home and abroad on the common fisheries have synthetic polyamide(nylon), polyester (PET), polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene(Polyethylene) and polychlorinated vinyl (polyvinyl chloride), etc. Fishery production practice shows that synthetic than natural fibers and man-made fibers have good mechanical, physical and chemical properties, it is not bacterial corrosion, mildew fishing gear in the water damage does not occur, therefore, synthetic fiber production network clothing, no embalmed and regular exposure, greatly reducing the labor intensity of deckhands. It is natural plant fiber in the fiber compared to the strength should be higher than 1-3 times, so to achieve the same strength can be greatly reduced netting weight, while the water absorption after weak, nets on the light, and the price cost-effective.

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