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sets in order to improve lobster traps fish farming

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   ⒈ crab pool cover support the concept of the so-called crab pool cover support, that is, the surface of the water in the crab, the set up part of the fish, shrimp species, so that the fish, shrimp, crab and mutually beneficial co-existence, take advantage of the residual energy of the system, a comprehensive organic pollution rational use, to form a rational structure, energy conversion rate, good economic returns healthy fishery ecological environment in order to achieve the purpose of improving overall economic efficiency of farming.
   ⒉ crab pool cover support advantages ① mutually beneficial coexistence between organisms from a biological point of view, put a set of scientifically part fish, shrimp species, they eat crab leftover slag pool and crab bait and fought, fight oxygen, fight space wild fish, shrimp, both to take advantage of the biological cycle of water, while maintaining the dynamic balance of the ecosystem. ② conducive to the growth of pond aquaculture species through the grass, cast snails, water self-purification ability, always maintain adequate dissolved oxygen, natural biological food rich, can play a variety of fast-growing species breeding advantages, we can significantly increase the size and quality of the crab. ③ help protect the environment through water body care pool because biological materials circulation function, do not like the way a lot of monoculture fed commercial feed, the feed and the feeding of small amounts of metabolic waste farmed species, the relationship can be accessed lobster traps through the food chain as nutrients being fully utilized, its own culture water pollution is low. ④ conducive to the production of pollution-free low bioburden as ponds, aquaculture species living conditions, and therefore less disease can reduce mortality due to diseases of the loss, but also saves the cost of disease prevention and treatment. meanwhile, with little or no drug treatment in the case of the production of aquatic body without drug residues, in line with the requirements of pollution-free food, product selling prices high. ⑤ help avoid market risks based on market demand, to take any combination of fishing and fishing all year round way, has raised the price of fish can be sold for appropriate, to avoid the risk of a single species farmed, played "oriental does not shine, western liang "effect, and the cash flow quickly. ⒊ sets of raising freshwater shrimp species ① shrimp diet is very broad, is omnivorous aquatic animals may be feeding crab bait. usually 5-6 months out of the fry hatch, after 40 days feeding, body length to reach 3cm, then in october can grow to 4-5cm, weight 3-5g. ② mandarin mandarin typical carnivorousfish, eating live bait, often devouring itself over the length of the grass carp, bream, fish, wheat and other fish. in the crab pool cover support, when more than 6cm fry fish, can grow into more than 0.5kg commercial fish. ③ catfish catfish are carnivorous omnivorous fish, mainly fed on fish, shrimp, a variety of terrestrial and aquatic insects, small molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates. in the crab pool cover dependents, age 2 fish can grow to about 10cm in length and weighing more than 20g. ④ culter culter to carnivorous, mainly on fish for food, feeding through domestication can surimi and chilled fish and artificial feed. 10-15cm of fish after eight months of feeding, can grow into more than0.5kg commercial fish. ⑤ other varieties addition to these main sets of support varieties, there loach, eel, turtle, turtle, pond fish, catfish, vannamei, carp and other aquatic animals mingte pool cover support as crab species.

   ⒋ main sets of raising mode ① crab + shrimp shrimp crab bait feeding can prevent the ruin water quality, and can be used as crab bait shrimp, crab reduce cannibalism, both to improve the survival rate of crab, shrimp production has increased. there are three kinds of sets of raising ways, first in february acre stocked specifications for 2-3cmof every young shrimp 0.5-1kg; second, in late april to mid-may acre stocked spawning broodstock 0.5kg; three in july acre stocking size of 1.5-2cmshrimp 10,000 -1.5 ten thousand. water can be harvested per acre freshwater shrimp 15-20kg. ② crab crab + mandarin, mandarin fish farming environment requires a basic match, the two lobster traps do not kill each other, while the pool of wild fish mandarin fish feeding crab, shrimp, fish into the low-quality fish, reduce feed losses, improve feed utilization while reducing pond biological oxygen demand, water purification, is conducive to the growth of crab, crab, fish can reach integrated programme. usually ships within 5 months late stocking size 5-7cm of mandarin fish fry per acre stocking controlled at 15-20 tail, mandarin fish can be harvested about 10kg. ③ crab + catfish catfish is omnivorous fish, crabs can use its pool of bait and feeding plankton and small fish, eggs, etc., to achieve seino role in enhancing the crab bait utilization, increase catfish production. usually ships acre stocked mid-march on specifications for the 20-30g / 200-300 tail tail catfish, catfish can be harvested 20-30kg.④ crab + culter culter live in the upper water column, crab living at the bottom or around the pond, the two sets of support can improve the water use of space, culter increase fish production, while many wild fish crab in the pool, you can use culter fish removal, improve feed efficiency, energy reduction and efficiency. usually in 3-4 months, raising 10-15cm per acre set specifications culter species 15-20 tail, can produce commercial fish 10-15kg. methods ① ⒌ sets of raising crab pond farming area convenient transportation conditions, adequate water, environmental conditions meet the requirements of gb18407.4 area limitation, depth 1-1.5m, bottom sludge generally do not exceed 10cmappropriate. pond must build a sound into the drainage system, water quality must meet ny5051-2001 standards. requirements without pesticides, industrial wastewater and domestic sewage pollution. ② first, pond clearing of pond preparation, including pool ridge repair, dredging, and disinfection. second, fertilize the water, basic food to nurture early, decomposition of organic fertilizer available plus a small amount of lime, piled at a depth of 30-40cm place, top with sediment cover, so that in the pool slowly released. three plants are transplanted, the purpose is to increase the shrimp, crab hiding places and as a plant food, species including eelgrass, hydrilla, elodea, water, peanuts, etc., covering an area of the pond area of 60% -70%. four are spent snail, as crab bait and natural water purification, put in fresh water per acre before qingming snail 250kg. ③ larvae in mid-february acre stocking stocking size 100-200 / kg larvae 500-600 only, larvae specifications can not be too small to prevent the fish kill. water can be harvested per acre large-sized commodity crab about 50kg.

    ⒍ feeding management ① feed ration sets ponds generally only cast crab feed (with pond crab), is no longer dependent varieties bait feeding sets, sets in order to improve lobster traps fish farming, shrimp production and specifications can also be under the circumstances, appropriate complementary some bait. sets of mandarin fish bluff, spring acre stocked carp gonad good 2 to 3 groups, male and female ratio of 1: 3, let the natural reproducing seedlings for mandarin fish species xiatangji provide palatable food; sets of raising catfish , culter pond in the middle and late properly fed some small miscellaneous fish, chilled fish fillets, surimi and feed and so on. ② water quality control shrimp, perch, catfish, culter and other forces are very low resistance to oxygen, water dissolved oxygen requirements, once hypoxia floating, first of death, so to strengthen water quality management. on the water quality requirements are: transparency 30-50cm, yellow-green color with refreshing for the best, do 5mg / l or more, ph value 7-8,ammonia does not exceed 0.2mg / l, nitrite 0.02mg / l less . water can be taken to change the water regularly quanchiposa lime water and the use of photosynthetic bacteria, em bacteria, bacillus bacteria and other methods of biological control agents. ③ disease control stick to prevent the main anti-emphasis on governance, combining prevention principle. before stocking fry with 3% salt water immersion for 10 minutes, or 50mg / l potassium permanganate medicated bath for 2-3 minutes; quanchiposa once a month during the growing season quicklime to play a regulatory role in water ph value, fertilizers, live snails, plants and food units, tools, etc. often use bleach disinfection. note also cover support aquatic susceptibility to prevent injury death, and to prohibit the use of national banned drugs. section v merchandise crab fishing and storage one, ⒈ pond crab fishing crab fishing according to price trends, ponds into crab generally in the "double ninth festival" festival fishing pond pool in the evening on the ridge hand to capture and combine the cage zhang catch. ⒉ network wai wai crab fishing crab fishing net effect is directly related to aquaculture production and efficiency, "crab winter, shadow without a trace" is about the consequences of the fishing season is over.generally begin harvesting from october, according to a specific date in the fenced area network growth and climatic conditions crab flexibility to raise crab recapture rate. fishing tools have the cage, bamboo fish trap mesh, wire mesh and so on. ⒊ crab fishing crab rice paddy harvest time, usually from mid-october, but also changes with temperature dependent, the principle is sooner rather than later, to prevent ice cooling to increase fishing difficult. in order to properly deal with crab, rice harvest of contradictions, time and sequence of arrangement can be 10-15days before harvest rice crab, you can also gradually add water drainage, the crab into holding tanks, and then drained rice harvest . ⒋ sets pond fishing cap raise surface with crab fishing pond; shrimp perennial land cage zhang catch,lobster traps take catch big to stay small way, as long as they reach marketable size, must catch a sale; shrimp harvesting implement market in a timely manner will reach more than 4cm into shrimp fishing, died after breeding to prevent sexual maturity; perch, catfish, etc. culter dragnet fishing according to the market or at the end of the harvesting dry pond concentrated harvest. second, crab holding culture ⒈ indoor relaying selection ventilation, insulation performance is good, relatively smooth walls of the room, the specifications in line, complete physical infirmity, active commodity crab crawling into the room, a day with fresh water spray 1 - 2 times to keep indoor humidity, generally relaying 3-5 days, the survival rate of up to 90%.

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