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lobster traps is a high -density , high yield, water conservation and rational use of water

Data:2013/11/11 3:15:44

Raising fry ( usually 3 to 4 cm in front ) , fish species ( nearly adult fish before ) , you need water , covering a lot. To take advantage of the water, the water in a large fry hatch to install cages , breeding fry , fingerling , is a very good way to save water . Fry breeding season - spring's many big water , there is no adequate fish delivery, take advantage of this temporary "food" deep water fish pond set up small fry hatch cages , breeding fry , fingerling , benefits are considerable. The fry hatch in the water , raising fry , fingerling , does the size of the cage can be customized according to actual needs , but the depth of the cabinet Yi Qian , 80 to 100 cm . Cages should be set in a warm wind shelter at sunrise with bamboo pile erected . Fish cages erected Depth: fish pond, fish pond fish pond depth is not as deep , so deep pond if you like a pro , a small fry to eat, in deep water back and forth , " Benz" , taxing , affecting growth . Therefore, fry , fingerling pool depth is generally 80 to 100 cm . Thus, in the erection of lobster traps within large water seedlings just less than 1 meter deep as you can. Fry hatch in cages , breeding fish , fish, and many advantages . ① easy feeding. Small body of water , fry eating fast , and will not find Dong Benxi . ② predators get in the water to avoid predators water invasion . ③ facilitate sub-pool binning continue farming. Wang Xiangyang sterile fish , small water bodies have adapted to intensive farming of living space. Therefore, the surface of this fry into a large cages and nourished him for adult fish , the survival rate is high, the mortality rate is low , fast growing , breeding and high efficiency. lobster traps is a high intensive fish farming . By cages outside the continuous exchange of water , while maintaining the high water cages dissolved oxygen, but also continue to discharge pollutants within the cage outside the box , thus maintaining good water quality within the cage , to achieve enhanced breeding, get higher fish production . Type of cage to cabinet assembly methods , with or without lid network, divided into closed and open cages . Filter-feeding fish or farmed in rough waters of the larger set of wintering water cages and the need to set the general use of closed cage cages ; smaller in rough waters for feeding fish or farmed fish generally use the open type cages. With cage shape points, a rectangular, square , polygonal and circular ; press cage set way points, there are solid , floating and submerged three.

( A ) solid cages using bamboo piles, wood piles or concrete piles nailed on the bottom, top of the pile above the water , the arm is fixed to the pile , the upper box about 1 m above the water , underwater bottom from 1 to 2 a cage set up. This type of cage is strong due to solid pile , you can set the waves are big waters. But can not be fixed with the water level changes in cages floating tank effective volume ( immersion in water depth ) occur due to water level changes, so the water level fluctuation waters should not be set too . Meanwhile, the cage can not move , inconvenient maintenance operation. In addition, fish feces, bait decomposition of water pollution larger cages , often resulting in a lower oxygen environment under normal circumstances rarely used. ( Two ) floating cages set up using the most widely used method . Relative to the fixed cages , can be suspended from the buoyancy device or cage frame, with the floating water level changes , the effective volume of the water level will not change . This method is mainly applied to erect deep water , waves smaller reservoirs and lakes . Higher off the ground because cages can also be transferred breeding sites , and the relative ease of fish feces and water pollution caused by the bait , it can always maintain good water quality conditions . Floating cages are less able to resist storms , so the cover should be added network is appropriate. ( Three ) submerged cages fully enclosed cabinet , the entire cage submersion in water , as long as the water does not touch the car cage cage effective volume of water is generally not subject to the impact of changes in floating cages is not easy to set fixed the waves are big waters or farmed using this filter-feeding fish cages more appropriate. While the use of submerged cages solve warmwater class in the winter when the water freezes in the winter issue . 21st century, the worldwide marine capture fisheries resources dropped , domestic and international market demand for reservoir aquaculture growing , lobster traps more welcomed by the people , how to improve the effectiveness of lobster traps become very topical problem , sea cages Sum tell you improve breeding efficiency , the following aspects should be optimized and improvements: lobster traps is a high -density , high yield, water conservation and rational use of water , easy to manage , fish susceptible to infection , high risk of intensive farming methods . With the popularity of lobster traps , technology continues to mature, and gradually scale and output growth, coupled with the lower market price of fish , intense competition , profit margins smaller and less effective , it must reduce the cost of fish , lobster traps to improve efficiency. In recent years , the author based on years of cage rearing carp production practice, worked out a timely fed palatable food and binning techniques , can greatly enhance fish production , under normal circumstances, fed palatable food and timely binning , from fry rearing achieve product specifications , the survival rate in the original basis increased by 10 %, production increased by 5% compared with the original production , now kept in cages carp main technical measures are summarized below.

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