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Steam for 20 minutes you can turn off the fire

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First, fry rearing stage with binning 1 , the fry into the box : First , be careful when fry fishing , netting is not with mud , sifting moderate amount , otherwise it will scratch the fish , followed by fish good physique , strong vitality , specifications and tidy . North Korea fry claim 10 , because 10 toward fry for easy transport , activities, jumping ability is relatively small , and easy to tame food , 9 North fry although easy to transport , but the body is weak, palatable food readily available, fought over is not strong , difficult to tame food. And 11 more fry jumping toward large , easy bruising fish , inconvenient transportation . Fry was 1.2 cm mesh cages Polyethylene knotless net cages , density of 800-880 fish / m , cages ahead seven world water immersion. 2 , feeding and management: fry transit time of 5 hours or less, into the box after tame food , transport time 5-10 hours until the fry into the box after a slight recovery began tame food , transporting more than 10 hours is not desirable. 10 toward the fry into the box 7 days a particle size of 1.5 mm with a material feeding fry for 7 days with a diameter of 2 mm material fed fry . From 7:00-21:00 , every two hours to feed a second , nine times a day , every 10 minutes or so, to keep the fry Qicheng eat , sooner or later, patrol boxes, observe the fish 's activities. 3 , sub- box: 7 days before binning of 2 cm with a mesh knotless cage Polyethylene water soaking, fry rearing after 20 days , 70% of fish can reach 12 toward more timely binning , or fry specifications gap too , affecting fish growth , binning time should be placed before the morning feeding , with 12 toward the sieve , several into the box , a density of 700-720 fish / square meter. 4 , fry stages of fish diseases : fish into the box with 3-4 % salt solution immersion fry for 10-15 minutes or with 20 mg / l potassium permanganate solution immersion fry for 10-15 minutes, fry into the box after use TCCA 100-120 g / bag in cages four corners Bag , 1 day , even hanging three days , every 10 days with lime 5-10 kg per carton evenly sprinkle water soluble , while 100 kg feed with 0.5 - 1 kg garlic mash mixed with bait feeding , day 1 , and even fed six days . Second, fingerling rearing stage with binning 1 , feeding and management: 12 North fry to feed particle size of 2.5 mm of fish feed , from 7:00-19:00 , every three hours to feed a second , fed five times a day , 20 minutes each feeding . 13.3 cm of the species to be delivered to a particle size of 3 mm fish feed , from 7:00-19:00 every 3 hours to feed 1, feed 5 times a day , every 20-30 minutes fed . Species to be delivered to more than 150 grams of 4 mm diameter into fish feed , from 7:00-19:00 , every 4 hours to feed 1, feed 4 times a day , every 30-40 minutes fed , maintained Bacheng satiety, sooner or later patrol box . 2 , sub- box: 12 North fry after 20 days of feeding , when 70-80 % of fish size was 13.3 cm above the 2nd to timely binning , with 13.3 cm 13.3 cm sieve over the fish over number into the box , a density of 380-440 fish / square meter. 13.3 cm or more species of 4 cm with a mesh Polyethylene cage without form .

13.3 cm fingerlings after a period of feeding, when 80% of the fish up to 150 grams or more, then the 3rd binning , the separation of more than 150 grams of fish into the fish tank set into several boxes rearing achieve product specifications , density of 300-320 fish / square meter. 3 , fingerling stage fish disease prevention : After each binning with 100-120 g / bag TCCA in cages four corners Bag , 1 day , even hanging three days , every 15 days with 10 per carton -15 kg lime water soluble evenly sprinkle 1, while 100 kg 0.5-1 kg feed with garlic mash mixed with bait feeding once a day , and even fed six days . Every 30 days with a water soluble spirit evenly sprinkle disinfection to kill parasites. In the past, sea cucumber is a valuable food, but nowadays has entered the homes of ordinary people . Maybe because they do not eat , for it is still relatively unfamiliar. Let's explore some small coup to eat sea cucumber . 1 , minced cucumber meat to choose three fat seven lean ( ie, one-third fat , seven lean meat ) , the meat cut at the end after the boil for a short water until the meat color , then add soy sauce , water and a little sugar , then sea cucumber placed with simmer over low heat until sauce tasty. If you feel minced cucumber eating is not fun , you can also join on this basis chili or chili oil , mixed with Sichuan Pi bean paste , spicy cucumber can be made . 2 , steamed shaped Italy Water, sea cucumber cut in half , and with the steaming broth , broth inside has previously mixed into wine, a pinch of salt , ginger . Steam for 20 minutes you can turn off the fire. Beaten egg into the bowl foamy , add chicken, salt , starch stir into a paste , chicken breasts , fish, fat meat chopped dried mud on Sam Sun spoon , and then the same with cucumbers steam for 5 minutes. Side dish with a spoon around the turn on the lap , steamed sea cucumber soup topped with hook thin gravy . Sea egg white paste involved in the production process does not allow a trace of oil fishy , when the case of sea cucumber oil scattered melt system , egg whites to fight the system in case of oil will be like when deflated ball. 3 , red wine and braised Sea cucumber originally tasteless things, pre-treatment at pre tasty , and then to red wine stew , Chinese and Western more mellow taste, of course , seven or eight into hot pan heat the oil , water, sea cucumber cut strips wok stir fry, in full swing when the decisive next 100 ml of red wine, soy sauce, braised juice or soy sauce, and broth, stir a small amount of water to boil , then those heavy flavor sugar, salt to taste . Turn a small fire 1 to 2 hours until soft sea cucumber stew , soup is also strong then, after the pan hook thin gravy sauce topped with cucumber . Cover the lid so as not to lose the whole bouquet . 4 , iced also need good ingredients You can also eat sea cucumber iced . After soaked sea cucumber add broth to medium heat and simmer 3 to 5 minutes, put ice water for 10 minutes , and serve with a salad dish of soy sauce , mustard random. Approach is simple, it highlights an important selection , we recommend that you select Off dongliao Senate. Master of iced cucumber do this: before the stew cook tasty , shrimp tablets, ginger , onion and saute or deep-fried , add broth boiling . To twist into the soft sea cucumbers simmered stew , plus soy sauce , soy sauce and cook until tasty. Off after the fire without opening the lid , and then soaked to the sweltering let cool cucumber . Such pretreatment steamed sea cucumber formal way of cooking is available to maintain maximum flavor. 5 , the first ever hair system off sea cucumber Cattle are also in line with simple cucumber roll spirit . The whole advance in water, sea cucumber soup simmer , slightly dry to dry the body more. Select Japanese and cattle thin slices, brush previous teriyaki sauce, wrapped in cucumber , wok fry is , or fried and then doused with teriyaki sauce finished . And cattle flavor soft waxy intertwined with cucumber , fried up and save time, but sent back to the original system of sea cucumber , can not save a little thing . Sea Cucumber also experienced roasted off, complicated matter , not worth mentioning here , or to the chef complete.

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