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when lobster traps weighing up to 50 grams or more, it can capture the market

Data:2013/9/17 1:44:30

    First, the preparation before stocking Into the pond to have good drainage facilities. Around the pond to use bamboo, net yarn enclosed Fangtao 50 cm high wall. Farmed shrimp in the waters set habitat, such as install rubble, bricks, stones, mesh, old tires, etc. for grass shrimp dragon nest concealment habitat for shrimp and defense predators. Planted around in the pool water hyacinth, water, peanuts, lettuce, wild rice and other aquatic plants, and its coverage of the surface of the pond is generally 1/3, to facilitate the lobster shade and breeding lobster traps traps eat plankton. General New lobster traps pool available lime water clear pond with water per acre with 100 kg, if the use of the old pond or lake raisinglobster traps, to dredging, repair, exposure, stocking lobster traps 10-15 days before, 50 kg of lime per acre dry pool disinfection. At the same time eliminate the pond catfish, loach, blackfish and snakes, rats and other predatory wild predators. lobster 10-15 days before stocking traps, usually water per acre full maturity of pig manure and other manure 100-200 kg, nurture plankton and organic detritus as providing the right amount of shrimp feed. Pond water before you installed it is best to water every 60-80 mesh network predators to prevent water entering. Water maintained at 50-80cm depth, transparency in the 30-40 cm. Two, stocking lobster traps Stocking lobs ter traps should be in the sunny morning and evening for 2 cm long acre stocked 6000-8000 shrimp tail or 3-5 cm long tail shrimp 4000-6000. Same pond stocked lobster traps specifications neat line. Stocked in the pond while about 50 grams of flowers, silver carp300-400 tail, bream 200. Third, carefully feeding 3 days after Fangmiao, voted to minced fish and meat, three days after a month, put a small trash fish, meat offal or feed, pending lobster traps grow to 6-7 cm, can all be fed crushed snail, mussel and the amount of plant feed such as wheat, wheat bran, corn, meal, etc., or feed.

    Daily ration to eat, eat, do not leave bait prevail, generally, a small lobster traps according to the weight of 15% -20% feeding, adult shrimp at 5% -10% of body weight feeding, eating shrimp according to specific circumstances. Feed 2 times a day, morning and evening, each time, the evening daily ration feeding accounted for 70% -80%, should be cast into the bait around the pond, and appropriately distributed, lobster traps investing more central place more appropriate to facilitate the feeding. Fourth, water quality management lobster traps fast growth, metabolism, oxygen consumption, and therefore want to keep fresh water ponds, weekly water 15-20 cm deep, ensure the quality of fresh, clean cool, and there is enough oxygen, water transparency controlled at 35 cm depth above, when the weather is hot, be appropriate to enhance the water to stabilize the water temperature. Prevent water by industrial pollution, pesticide pollution and chemical contamination. When the low dissolved oxygen, water or a case of thunderstorms sultry days of aging, and even other inclement weather cloudy feeding amount should be reduced or stopped feeding, and to observe, if found lobster traps unresponsive, tour set to shore, shore floating head and climb, indicating severe hypoxia, a timely injection or open oxygen aerator. Five, disease prevention Should be ground inspection, ground Xuntang attention lobster traps foraging, activity, growth and moulting, etc., in order to take the necessary technical measures. Timely removal of the pool moss; always check into, the outfall filters, filters prevent breakage leaving thelobster flight or wild fish traps and other harmful organisms to enter. Always pay attention to whether there is a pool of biological predators, such as water rats, snakes, birds, etc., if it should be promptly removed. lobster Before traps pond surface to be disinfected to prevent the pathogen into the pool regularly disinfected with lime shrimp ponds, often filling new water, keep the water clean, in shrimp diets vitamins, enhance immunity shrimp .

    Six, timely harvesting General feeding two months or so, when lobster traps weighing up to 50 grams or more, it can capture the market, fishing lobster trapsusing shrimp cage, the cage, fence and other methods to catch big to stay small. In the 1980s, our lakes l obster traps gradually developed.By 2004, China's inland natural lakes with lobster traps of an area of 5310.2 hectares, production reached 592,300 tons. Lake Superior environment and productive lobster fishery traps technology, simply change the traditional mode of fishing operations, to produce high-quality aquatic products, the formation of an efficient market competitiveness, and promote lake lobster traps rapidly. lobster traps there are many ways to build a floating pontoon platform selection, partly underwater nets captivity, forming a natural fishery is now the choice of many people. lobster traps overall structure Frame portion Previous lobster traps only the net with float and sinker open net in the water will be suspended in the water can be. This simple lobster traps are not used much.

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