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open promptly removed, scrub attached lobster traps dirt on the algae in order to ensure a regular exchange of water bodies

Data:2013/9/17 1:47:37

    With the development of the times, and now lobster traps practices are not the same, some made of hexahedral framework, this framework can be used hexahedral metal , wood or bamboo made. The overall framework of the installation, strong wind resistance in the water, such as boxes of hypoxia, the lobster traps overall mobile is very convenient. Eliminate the sun netting with attachments is also very convenient, but handling trouble. lobster traps frame also has only a flat box, matched upper float, sinker, will be suspended in the water network. The lobster traps very simple clothes drying nets, handling is also very simple. Netting part Netting of mesh skirt, mesh bottom, a mesh cover and feeding channels. Today, according to some fish class like in a quiet, dark place and more eating habits, plus do some netting roof shade. Netting practice a variety: There are square, octagonal, hexagonal, round the largest capacity to count lobster traps. Do netting approach is to first make the shape shading, such as made of rectangular, round, octagonal or hexagonal, and then mesh skirt crowded round, box is done successfully. Feeding channel has two functions: ① feeding; ② nets to prevent fish escape. Most lobster Bottom traps do bottom tray, which tray is to prevent loss of bait. Float Float float lobster from traps effect. There is now also a small float lobster traps, only use bamboo or concrete pillars directly inserted in the mud rack netting. Sinker with cable Straighten up lobster traps , fixed lobster traps role. [1] Operating lobster traps fish pond is to put intensive secret technology to the environmental conditions favorable to acquire a larger surface yielding a highly intensive farming methods have the following advantages: (A) excavation of ponds required to save the land, labor, capital investment fast convergence. Usually when the fish to recover the full costs, and lobster traps under normal circumstances, can be used continuously for 2-3 years. (2) lobster fish traps can make full use of water and erbium biological materials, the implementation of polyculture, close support, high survival rate can be achieved by creating high-yielding purposes. (3) breeding cycle is short, easy management, with a flexible, easy to operate advantages. lobster traps according to changes in environmental conditions waters move at any time, in case of floods, the water rose to a high net, unaffected, Yuhan, shift Au net position, without loss, to achieve drought, flood insurance income, to achieve the purpose of high and stable yield.

    the harvesting easier. Harvest without special fishing tool, once listed, but also according to market needs, the harvesting stages, easy to transport and store fish, is conducive to market regulation, the people call it water "fish body." (5) adaptability, easy to promote. lobster traps fish waters occupied a small area, provided they have a certain level and flow, rural areas, factories and mines are raising. There is another kind of investment, the establishment of an offshore fishing grounds, creating a sea of entertainment platform, catering, recreation (fishing, release, etc.) as one of the leisure facilities, to create a double income. lobster traps in hypoxia control techniques When they find the water of oxygen, the emergency measures are as follows: (1) to move quickly lobster traps The lobster traps Go Deep or large water quality transparency, lobster With the exchange of water traps inside, hypoxia relieve itself. (2) throw throw small pieces of lime into the lake (library) bottom Ie lobst er traps along the throw throw small pieces of lime. After alkaline lime water dispersed substances, organic acid from the bottom and the role, reduce acidity and toxic substances, improve water quality. (3) emergency oxygen bottle with oxygen If the lobster traps in the fish population hypoxia, can rapidly with oxygen bottle oxygen. Oxygen ways: communicating with each lobster tee traps, so that the oxygen from the lobster traps out of the water in the middle bottom of the impact, can quickly relieve lobster trapshypoxia. Oxygen supply to the sun, the water, plankton can manufacture oxygen, then oxygen bottles to stop oxygen. (4) protection of water resources We recognize that in today's precious water resources, development of river, rivers, lakes, large reservoirs has become a new development point.

    Thus, the cause of many medium and small reservoirs as lobster traps too close, artificial fertilization, feeding, dead fish, sewage perfusion, the phenomenon of eutrophication, and ultimately cause environmental pollution, affecting the ecological balance, reducing the lake, the library's productivity, which should be the concern of all departments . In particular counties interprovincial lakes, often suffer the most, as there is no government sector management vacuum, or fishing not only stocking, even fry fishing is also empty or lobster traps dotted ruining the water, and finally by the state a lot of money management, not worth the candle, protection of water resources should be put in an important position. Lake lobster traps overload, harm decaying organic matter much. Government departments strong management, unified planning fine pondering. [2] lobster crab traps Technology (1) site selection lobster traps set locations should be selected in sheltered sunny, fresh water, waves small, relatively quiet, no pollution, moderate amount of water exchange, at the micro-water as well, around the open, no water rat location. (2) lobster traps materials and management lobster traps more polyethylene or nylon material mesh material. Mesh size is determined according to the size of the individual crab to crab does not escape the principle of each lobster traps area of 30 square meters is appropriate. Net sealed lid above the lobster traps at the top and bottom of the left two for the switch hole, and with a nylon zipper sewn on to the switch, feeding checks. lobster traps at the bottom left of the hole, usually shut, etc. lobster traps at the bottom of a large number of epiphytic algae or sludge adsorption is large, open promptly removed, scrub attached lobster traps dirt on the algae in order to ensure a regular exchange of water bodies. At the same time, can also be lobster traps flip bottom up, reseat lobster traps, the original cover shut, open the bottom of the cable fed diets to ensure lobster traps mesh smooth. To prevent epiphytic algal blooms, but also in lobster traps within 10 Xenocypris raising fish, 5 ~ 10 tilapia to removelobster traps containing algae and so on. Manual scrubbing lobster traps when the operation should be careful to prevent damage to the crab appendages.

    lobster traps set After setting lobster traps, the four corners with four bamboo insert the mud, lobster traps in the corners with a rope fixed on bamboo.Corners with stones as sinker with a rope leash, sink to the bottom. Adjusting the length of the rope, the lobster traps fixed at a certain depth of water can lift, adjustable depth, to prevent water waves will be lobster traps washed away, ensuring lobster crab traps safe and reliable. lobster traps placed depth, depending on the season, the weather, the water temperature may be. Spring and autumn, you can put water depth 30cm ~ 50cm or less, seven, eight, nine months high temperature, the water temperature is high, lobster traps can be placed 60cm ~ 80cmless, lobster traps above to put fresh water plants, increasing shade area for crab Xieliang. (4) stocking density lobster requirements specifications and tidy crab traps, crab body robust appendages. Stocking density based on water quality, feed, manage the case may be, to manage water quality live bait foot, excellent quality and you can put on the contrary, it put less. Crab specification 150 / kg ~ 200 / kg as well, density 20 / ㎡ ~ 25 / m, a lobster traps put crab 5kg (600 ~ 750 or so), according to 70% of the recapture rate, each lobster crab traps can produce 50kg ~ 60kg, but also a small amount of adult fish Integrated Programme. (5) feeding method Each lobster traps to be set up within a two square meters around the bait station, a twice daily feeding times. Nutrition proportional allocation by various food, chopped cooked, put the other diets, with the right amount of flour shape into groups, blocks, slabs feeding, which can improve feed efficiency, reduce waste and pollution of water bodies, but also to facilitate Check the feeding situation. Feeding situation next morning a slight surplus for the degree. To ensure food feed, palatable, to prevent cannibalism. The ratio of the bait on the first half of the main plant food, animal feed amount. Dominated the second half of animal feed, vegetable supplement, promote the growth of fattening. Strengthen inspection and management, timely removal of the bait and found that lobster traps timely repair damage, to prevent escape crab.

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